5 Concept Spaces That Are Giving New Life To Bricks & Mortar Stores

This week, ‘Lego House’, opened its doors to the public, inviting them to get creative in the stimulating world of Lego. Always inspired by creative use of space, we’ve decided to do a round-up of the top 5 companies that have set up permanent branded stores and how they’ve managed to get it so right.

1. Lego House

This branded space demonstrates how a brand and its values can evolve naturally with time and how you can let fans live this philosophy first hand. What started out as simple building blocks have evolved into an icon that symbolises creativity and learning. This space is hugely interactive and fully enables visitors to ‘learn through play’ with 4 separate creative zones that tell the history of the brand while encouraging them to make their own Lego creations.

2. Goop

As consumers find the convenience of online shopping increasingly hard to resist, bricks and mortar retail has been pushed into more creative spaces in order to survive. Lifestyle brand ‘Goop’ by Gwyneth Paltrow set up its first retail space which broke all the stereotypes of your average store as it feels less like a shop and more like being invited into someone’s home. The key to these spaces is to present an extremely strong theme and narrative throughout so people are fully immersed in the brand story.

3. Made by Google Pop Up Stores

Pop-ups make the intangible, tangible. Tech giant Google has always had a solid presence but their pop up ‘Made by Google’ let them make this presence something that fans could physically interact with. What was once software that existed in the ether was now something that crowds could hold in their hands, a great way to increase spontaneous buying too. By providing coffee to eager fans as they waited, they sealed the deal for a lot of happy customers.  

4. Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton permanent pop-up store helps the brand to extend its reach by adopting the experimental culture of a pop-up while keeping the space permanent. While some pop-ups exist solely to further the brand’s presence, this space constantly presents new concepts and product offerings by collaborating with artists like Yayoi Kusama and brands like Supreme. Concept stores like these help to keep a brand’s image fresh and the spirit of innovation alive.

5. Real Madrid Cafe

Now, hard-core football fans no longer have to decide between a dinner date and football. The Real Madrid Café in Dubai gives football fans the chance to experience their passion through another medium as two themes are blended together. The restaurant brings you food, football and a beautiful seafront view; the ultimate hat trick.

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