Andrew Deverell

Account Executive who loves a bitta jazz and rugby!

Conn O’Leary

This Accountant loves cycling and visiting Greece, If he could cycle there he would!

Bryan Minton

Senior Art Director who loves to bake fresh croissants on a Thursday morning.

Chris Byrne

Logistics and Transport Manager - Typing isn't his thing.

Cici Coyne

Account Executive who claims to be Irish but is 100% allergic to potatoes.

Kev Rooney

Our designer can be heard first before seen. With a laugh that echo's around the building and truly doesn't know the meaning of whispering.

PJ Walker

Talent Manager who got a very bad tattoo of a lizard when he was 15 (he lied about his age!)

Shane G

Senior Producer who say's dont pick your nose after chopping chillies...he read somewhere it hurts a lot

Max Wakefield

New Business Manager, Max claims to hate spending time with his cat, Vinnie. Enjoys a delicious meal and accompanying libation. Office Snack Addict. It’s a problem.

Paddy Shaw

Account Manager who enjoys playing golf and keeping fit, he spends his weekends listening to Justin Bieber and drinking Rosé wine.

Romilly Doust

Account Executive with a love of cultures and arts, she also has a love for pizza and wine.

Louise Habig

Senior Account Manager who loves puppies and Jazz music, in past life she was talented saxophonist.

Stephanie Prendergast

Went to Thailand and has the elephant tattoo to prove it

Anna Finnegan

Our Belfast Bae worked on Game of Thrones and said the dragons were v. pretentious in real life

Megan McIntosh

Junior Account Manager and a keen sport avoider and donut lover #fitfam

Michael McCormack

Karaoke champ, drama fiend; the world is his stage

Holly Montell

"Yogi queen but her limbs aren't as well oiled as her Irish colloquialisms. Please let her practice on you "


Dog boss who once ate an entire birthday cake because someone dared him. #LiveLaughLove

Zoe Behan

Account Manager and foodie who adores her dog, shopping and skipping the gym. Also known to enjoy a good checklist!

Tara O’Conghaile

Art Director, once a winner of the Hairy Baby Contest, now a fully fledged wookie.

Sophie Binskin-Barnes

Account Director, adventure addict & novelty seeker. Loves a challenge, especially the novel ones on the tops of mountains.

Lila Motairek Reynolds

Account Executive who has two passions in life: Middle Eastern Politics and EXTRA spicy food!

Jonathan Murtagh

Sponsorship Account Manager who was born at a very young age.

John Kilcullen

Our Head of Digital would cycle everywhere if he could. 100KM spin or 200 metres to shops, full lycra gear is mandatory.

John O’Shaughnessy

Our Creative Director's favourite colour is stripey - he's also very partial to dots and a chevron.

Emma Magill

Digital Account Manager that likes to throw shapes to RnB and loves ice-cream so much she got a tattoo of a 99 cone.

Deneige Hudson

Senior Account Executive and zealous organiser whose main goal in life is to be able to text her dog!

Conor Vaughan

Digital Account Manager who hails from the Wild West (of Ireland). Several marathons under his belt, can down a pizza in 35 seconds.

Briony Morgan

Our Account Manager understands that pronouncing her name is a learning process. Just don't call her Bri-Bri.

Amy Masterson

Account Executive and travel enthusiast with the upper body strength of a new born!

Aideen O’Neill

Our Head of Activations had a childhood ambition to be a pathologist that somehow led to marketing. Very good at diagnosing office colds.

Barry Muldowney

If our Head of Events isn’t walking his goat, he’s hanging out with ex-Presidents or possibly his son...

Barry Morgan

Senior Production Director, adventure and action sports addict. Quite competitive so don't try to run up the stairs faster than him.

Barry Traynor

Finance Director who enjoys sailing, classic cars and anything else James Bond does.

Craig Cusack

Account Director and wheeler dealer, likes shiny, fancy things. So a bit of a magpie.

Craig O’Rourke

Our Head Of Creative Production has a fear of flying but strangely in love with seaplanes.

Darren Buttle

Our Head of Sponsorship can usually be found holding a golf club or a G&T or both. He's working on making this an official sport.

Ellie Bradshaw

Our Business and Operations Manager is a crafty lass who is prone to clumsiness but at least her outfits are coordinated.

Jane Gray

Head of Business Director, accomplished florist, rubber duck collector and trumpet player. She can't bring all these things into the bath but she tries.

Jonny Murphy

Senior Design Director, spurs fan and related to country & western legend Daniel O’Donnell... allegedly.  

Karol Lukaszewicz

Senior Operations Manager who's the owner of the world's fluffiest dog and therefore the most hoovered couch.

Linda O’Mahoney

Events Manager, ghost hunter and world traveller - don't ask her about teddy bears. She's not above setting ghosts on people.

Lucky Akter

Our Head of Finance GB is passionate about badminton, chess and food. Bland food is a sin.

Mark Mahon

Three kids but our Warehouse Manager still finds time for football, golf and rugby (he also refers to these as the three kids).

Megan Hughes

Account Executive who has an unhealthy fascination with unnecessary kitchen gadgets and chooses taxis over walking any day; it's just good sense.

Nikki Kennedy

Lead Digital Designer who never leaves a man behind when it comes to tea or design.

Olivia Collier

Head of GB, loves wine, her kids, scuba diving and her dog Daisy

Rachael Greene

Senior Account Manager who's happiest when on a horse or convincing people that she used to waitress in Central Perk.

Rob Gale

Senior Designer, humanitarian, artist, rugby legend and Jessica Alba's latest obsession. 

Ronan Traynor

Had ambitions to be a pirate or a circus ringmaster, settled for Managing Director of Verve. He did sail the seven seas once so everyone's happy.

Sam Scott

Our Account Director can generally be found playing, watching or chatting about sports. It's hard-core but he's not sorry. 

Sarah Byrne

Account Director who left a career on a squash farm in Australia to join Verve. The squash still call to her.

Sean Flanagan

Designer and owner of the world's largest private collection of incredible shirts and shopping bags.

Shane D’Alton

Senior Account Manager who found global fame as Tom Cruise's bum heater guy.

Siobhan O’Flaherty

Our Head of AP and Payroll eats chocolate once annually (Quality Street - weird we know) and spends the rest of the time committed to fitness and charity.

Stephen Rodgers

Activations Production Manager, Chelsea FC, poker and chicken wing fan. Chicken wings ruin his poker face but he can't resist.

Valerie Melinn

Our Client Services Director describes 'anything to do with murder' as a hobby. Remember; every contact leaves a trace.

Emily Laker

Account Manager Emily was a semi pro footballer and has a passion for Lebanese food.

Bethany O’Brien

Enjoys gin, horse riding, dog walking and is qualified in British Sign Language.