Drones create Buzz at the Winter Olympics

By 12/02/2018Digital, News
It probably comes as no surprise that the spectacle of an opening ceremony make us giddy at Verve (we even got to design one ourselves for UEFA a few years ago).  So the swarm of drones that hit the sky at the Pyeongchang Games opening ceremony caused us some serious event envy/inspiration.  

Once in the air, the drones then follow a pre-programmed pattern. Their positions are set via GPS coordinates and each drone communicates back to a control which can make amends and control the drones in real time. Powered by Intel technology, the spectacular formations were created using 1,218 drones each measuring about 30cm long.

As a relatively new technology, we’re only seeing the cusp of what will be possible. First used during Lady Gaga’s half-time show at the Superbowl last year, expect to see this fusion of art and technology across the event world. The potential is absolutely enormous with smaller, nimbler, and more sophisticated drones coming on the market each year.

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