6 simple ways to boost your AdWords Account

By 01/12/2017Digital

So you need to find the answer to something, where do you head to first? Google. It’s our oracle of knowledge. We know where people are looking, now we need to make sure that we’re found. Adwords is the tool that will get your business top of the rankings.

It’s really important that you don’t let your Adwords account go stale. Organisations often set up their account, outline all targeting information, write their ad copy and then walk away. Over time, the account becomes a bit sluggish and will be in major need of a boost.

We’ve put together some tips that don’t demand a huge amount of time but will give your Adwords the refresh it needs, saving you money and gaining exposure.

1. Make the perfect landing page

Always remember that Google wants everyone to get what they need as quickly and smoothly as possible. Ensure the consistency between your keywords, ad copy and landing page is there while also including a CTA on the end destination. Google will reward you for this and fundamentally you should see more success. Hubspot have put together a list of  landing pages that are pleasing on the eye and overachieve on conversions.

2. Cut the high costing keywords

Be relentless in chopping out the high costing keywords that have low conversions or no conversions at all. Either that or change the landing page that users are sent too.

3. Change the ad schedule

Certain times and dates work best. Figure out what works best for your organisation and target them more aggressively.

4. Apply bid modifiers based on geographical performance

Figure out which locations are most profitable. Take budget from the less profitable areas and allocate it to the better performing geographical locations.


5. Add negative keywords

Have a quick look at your search term report to find any unhealthy terms that are digging into your budget. You can simply add these as negative keywords so that your ads no longer appear under your report. A simple example would be if you are selling House Extensions and have purchased the keywords ‘Extensions’, you don’t want your ad appearing under ‘Hair Extensions’.


6. Use relevant Ad Extensions

The ad doesn’t end with the headlines, paths, and description. You should add in some extensions that will help boost engagement. Sitelink & Call Extensions work particularly well in our experience.


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