5 Smart and Easy Ways To Boost Your Event On Social Media

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Getting the most exposure for your event on social media doesn’t have to be costly and tedious. While paying top dollar for sponsored posts is one way for your event to get traction, there’s nothing better than organic engagement.

Here’s 5 simple, smart and cost effective ways to help your event get noticed online.

1. Facebook 360

This is one of  the simplest and cheapest on our list, but still super effective! In June 2016, Facebook rolled out a 360 photo feature, which places your followers at the centre of the action.

Smartphones have allowed users to take panoramic photos and photospheres for some time. While they look cool, there wasn’t much you could do with them until now. Just upload your panoramic photo through the Facebook app and users can instantly be immersed in your event. 360 posts can even be embedded on websites and blogs, so you can showcase your event on various platforms. Very cool!

2. Live Streaming

With free tools like Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live at your disposal, there is really no excuse not to live stream your event. Using a webcam, smartphone or even a D-SLR on a tripod you can broadcast live to all of your followers. Capture speeches and performances, or add a fun element like recruiting a vlogger or influencer to host the online video coverage and talk to guests. With live streams, you can offer exclusive content to viewers and boost your social presence – potentially catching the attention of new clients while setting yourself apart from the competition.

3. Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters

Billions of Snapchat videos and photos are sent each day, so it’s no surprise that brands are jumping on the Snap-wagon and paying for custom geofilters and animated lenses for their events and promotions. For a brand to have their lenses live for use on Snapchat for 24 hours, it could cost them upwards of €100,000 for the premium ad slot. But don’t despair, Snapchat sponsored geofilters will soon be available for almost any budget.

Whether it be a conference or event your wedding, you will be able to log onto Snapchat via desktop and pay for your custom filter that guests can add to their snaps and send to friends. All you have to do is geofence and area on a map, upload your design and pay a small fee. This service is coming to Ireland very soon, so watch this space.

4. Social wall

A live social media stream is a great addition to any kind of event. Not only will it encourage guests to post about your event, use your hashtag and to interact with other attendees, but their messages will also display to their own followers on news feeds and timelines. There are many affordable platforms out there for creating customisable, easy-to-manage social walls, which are guaranteed to get attendees talking.

5. Photo ops and photo booths

Let’s put it this way, if you have a celebrity, cool prop or character at your event, people will naturally want to snap a selfie and share with their followers. Better yet, position your photo op in front of a backdrop with relevant logos and hashtags to gain maximum exposure.

Alternatively, set up a photo booth at your event that guests can freely use. With the images, you can instantly print them, create a digital album on your company’s Facebook page that guests can tag themselves in or collect email addresses and send images directly to their inbox.

At Verve, we can tailor make a social media strategy specifically for your event, making sure you get the most online coverage possible. Drop us a line here.