5 Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Should Avoid

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Planning an event is tricky business, and it’s often easy to overlook some seemingly small details that could lead to huge disaster down the line.

Most of the time, it’s not about what you are doing that causes events to flop, but what you’re not doing.

We’ve put together some common pitfalls to avoid in order to stage the best event possible.

1. Poor communication

One of the most common mistakes made by event planners is not effectively communicating with suppliers, staff and colleagues.

In the run up to an event, communicate clearly and concisely with everyone involved in the event management process. It is absolutely crucial that everyone is aware of your expectations of them and delivery timeline.

2. Understaffing

While it’s tempting to save a little on budget and delegate more tasks to less event staff, always be prepared and have an extra staff member on hand to help tackle any issue that may arise. At live events, even the most prepared and experienced planner will encounter unexpected complications that require an extra set of hands to resolve.

Don’t be left shorthanded if disaster strikes!

3. Having no Plan B

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s a part of life. Fortunately, a good event professional always has a contingency plan for when things don’t quite go as planned.

Pre-emptively tackle any issues before they happen, to ensure disaster doesn’t strike on the day. What if your AV system breaks? What if your run out of drinks and food? What if your guest host cancels without notice?

Having a backup plan for any eventuality will put your mind at ease help you overcome an event disaster.  Make sure to have all staff briefed in advance so that it can be implemented smoothly if needed.

4. Not promoting your event properly

You’ve all the suppliers booked, venue locked in, staff hired, signage printed… but guests are slow to register their attendance. What gives? You haven’t put nearly enough effort into the actual promotion of your event.

If you have a database of guests you are inviting, use a good E-CRM system like MailChimp to design and send out custom invitations to each guest. From there, you can track open rates of the invitation and send follow up emails with important information to keep your guest engaged and create a buzz.

If you are inviting the general public, use social media to promote your event. Invest a portion of your budget in social media advertising, which allows you to target the exact audience you think your event will appeal to and lead to move conversions.

See our guide to boosting your social media presence on a budget.

5. Using an ineffective event registration system

To help you with tracking attendees, plus ones and no shows, it’s important to use a good event registration system. Gone are the days of paper lists that get mislaid or changed on the day, causing confusion for staff.

Instead, we recommend using an electronic software to help you keep on top of attendees in real time.

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