When a Red Carpet isn’t a Red Carpet

By 23/02/2018Events

With “Awards Season” firmly upon us we’ve had a  look at red carpets – and more specifically the ones that aren’t red. Sashaying down the red carpet is big business for the fashion and film industries so it’s not surprising we’re seeing a little more budget and creativity added to the event design.

1. Vanity Fair Oscar Party

This gorgeous green and cream stripe affair is one of our favourites – note how good the lighting is too. The slatted timber and warm amber lighting crates a surprisingly good neutral backdrop for the million dollar jewels and gowns.

2. Absolutely Fabulous Premiere

Sparkly gold carpet? Huge pink lettering? A Wall of Sequins? This movie premiere carpet is definitely not for the faint hearted.

3. Met Gala NYC

The Met Gala is possibly one of the most glamorous red carpets on the planet so it’s little surprise they don’t settle for regular red. Last year’s Commes Des Garcons tribute featured an unusual multi-coloured blue, pink, red and cream patterned affair.

4. Minions Premiere

Would you look at Sandra Bullock’s shoes on that yellow carpet?

5. Star Trek

Going where no man has gone before with this risky white carpet..

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