19 Essential Tips For Event Managers at Irish Festivals

By 27/05/2016 Events No Comments

Summer is all about travelling, holidays, and of course festivals. Here at Verve, we’re veterans of the Irish festival scene. We remember when Oxegen was called Witnness, and the trip to Tipp and camping at Féile was the number one summer pilgrimage for Irish festival goers.

This summer, the Verve event management team are gearing up to work for our clients at Taste of Dublin, Longitude, Body and Soul, Sea Sessions and Electric Picnic to name a few. With that in mind we decided to ask our event managers to put together a list of top tips for working at festivals.

Here is what they came up with:

1.Don’t bring unnecessary items. 
First off, our best advice would be to only bring what you really need. You’ll regret any extras when you have to lug them across Stradbally.

2. Torch and batteries are a must
When working at a festival, the hours will be long and chances are you will be working into the night. Torches – handsfree if possible – with a few extra sets of batteries are a must. Don’t rely on your smartphone, the built-in torch is a battery drainer!

3. Lather up with sunscreen
Be kind to your skin! Even if the weather is not always the sunniest, you still get a lot of exposure to UV rays while out in the fields all day. Pack some factor 50 and bring soothing aloe vera in case you get sunburnt.

4. Don’t get caught without phone battery
You will not have access to sockets 24/7,  so make sure you have a power bank (or two) as a back up.

  • Power banks are available online from Maplin, starting at less than €10. Available here

5. Don’t forget medication
If you are working at a festival that takes place over a few days, make sure you bring any medication if required. That includes anti-histamine if you have allergies. Nothing worse than trying to suppress your sneezes when talking to clients and revellers.

6. Invest in good rain gear
Seems obvious, but make sure you bring good quality rain gear when you are working on site. Invest in a good rain jacket and waterproof footwear – if the weather is particularly bad, a micro towel and wet bags will come in handy too. That €9.99 poncho you bought at the last second won’t cut it!

7. Sun protection
If you are lucky enough to have the sun shining then a good hat and sunglasses will definitely come in handy. And let’s face it… you’ll look cool.

8. Toiletries
Toiletries are a must. Consider queues for toilets, cleanliness and supplies. Our Verve event managers always pack the essentials; toilet roll, deodorant, hand sanitiser, sunscreen, aloe vera (for burns) etc. Having access to a decent toilet and a hot shower is a bonus.

  • Boots regularly offers ‘buy one, get one free’ on toiletries, so check out the latest deals in store or online at Boots.ie

9. Baby wipes
Baby wipes are indispensable for everything from cleaning your phone, washing your face and scrubbing muck from your hands – they are practically festival currency!

10. Earpiece
Bring your own earpiece – there is nothing worse than sharing.

11. Dry socks
Dry socks are as valuable as gold – if you are camping, make sure to pack thermals!

  • Sealskinz socks will keep you warm, and dry. Available from Sealskinz.com

12. Clipboard and marker
A clipboard and a lanyard with a permanent marker (like a Sharpie) attached is a must. You would be surprised at how easily these things can go missing.

  • You can grab a packed of 4 mini Sharpies with clips to be easily attached to keys or a lanyard at OfficeSupplies.ie

13. Laminate all documents
If you can, laminate your site maps, contact sheets and other important documents before hitting the road so that they don’t get ruined in the rain. And bring copies in case one of your colleagues wasn’t as prepared.

14. Mind your passes
Don’t lose any of your accreditation lanyards or wristbands. As an event manager, you need access all areas. You don’t want to lose access to the fancy toilets either!

15. Snacks
Pack cereal bars and fruit as on-the-go snacks. Festival food is expensive, and you could be stuck in a queue for a long time.

A compact multi tool will always come in handy. Duct tape and cable ties will also be a lifesaver so try and keep some on you at all times.

  • 53 Degrees North have a great selection of top of the range Leatherman multitools starting at €40. Available online from 53DegreesNorth.ie

17. Multi-vitamins
Bring a tube of Berocca to give you that extra hit of nutrients to keep you going.

18. Get rest, you’ll be working hard

If you’re camping on-site, at least you have the luxury of staying in the much quieter staff camping area away from rowdy revellers. Even still, some comfy digs are a must. When buying a tent, always get a bigger size than what you think you need (2 man tent is perfect for 1 person, 4 man is perfect for two).

  • Halfords have great value deals on tent packs, which include sleeping bags and ground sheets. Available on Halfords.ie.

19. Take a break!
Festivals can be a long slog. Once you clock off your shift, make sure to unwind!