Five Big Budget Video Campaigns Aimed At Tourists

When the government gets involved in advertising itself to the rest of the world, it usually comes with a whopper budget. Running into the hundreds of millions, states invest heavily into promoting tourism in order to stand out against, well, the rest of the world. From Crocodile Dundee to heart rate influenced content, we’ve taken a look at some recent and on going campaigns in our latest blog.

Spoiled – California

California Tourism TV commercials are well-known for leveraging the stunning locations and landmarks that the Golden State has to offer. This insight inspired Visit California’s latest ‘Spoiled’ campaign to ‘flaunt what you’ve got.’ The tongue-in-cheek 30 second commercial features well known celebrities, influencers and for the first time, social media content of visitors who are all ‘living their best lives’. The global marketing campaign highlights some of California’s aspirational and bucket-list worthy experiences while capturing the peoples creative, free spirited and fun vibe, ultimately encouraging viewers to kick start living their own Californian dream.

Welcome to Arabia – Saudi Arabia

Dubai have built a leading tourism destination from the ground up over the past 15 years. As neighbours Saudi Arabia ponder their post oil future, the ultra conversative country is making strides to follow suit and become a major tourist destination. In September this year the country’s tourism body launched a teaser campaign on social media with ads that portrayed a beautiful mystery country that could have been anywhere from Mexico to Thailand. Instagrammers were left guessing where this amazing location was.

The campaign was the precursor to the launch of which showcases the country to potential tourists. Led with a video that features unveiled women, and couples enjoying themselves, the website aims to portray Saudi Arabia as a safe, open, and must see destination, while also dedicating sections of the website to modesty and religious sensitivities for potential tourists. The campaign trended online with news focusing on both its opening up to new tourists, as well as focusing on its terrible human rights record. With significant tourism infrastructure projects planned, and no doubt big advertising budgets, this is one to keep an eye on.

Crocodile Dundee reboot – Australia

Tourism Australia set the bar for epic tourism videos with their much lauded “Where the bloody hell are you” campaign back in 2006. Their latest campaign continues the trend with another big budget and quintessentially Australian tongue-in-cheek campaign.

This time they drafted in Aussie Hollywood Star Chris Hemsworth, and US comedy star Danny McBride to produce a mock movie trailer for a new Crocodile Dundee movie. They even drafted in the original Mick Dundee himself ,Paul Hogan.  Shown during the Superbowl, the ad instantly became an online hit. It’s comedy gold, while also showcasing Australia’s amazing nature and sophisticated culture, food and drink scene. We’re looking forward to their next campaign already.

Fill your Heart with Ireland – Ireland

Tourism Ireland’s ‘Fill your Heart with Ireland’ campaign is a video based campaign with a catch. The creative premise of the campaign is based on a Swedish couple who travel to Ireland with a head mounted camera that is synced to a heart rate monitor. Producers then analysed the footage and heart rate results to pick the content they felt elicited genuine emotional reactions. All shot in POV, it gives viewers a genuine and unique snapshot the Emerald Isle.

#MyMicroGap – Great Britain

We’d all love to have the time (and the money!) to take a year out or a ‘gap year’ as the Brits would say, to travel and experience new places. A ‘Micro Gap’ is a shorter break that packs the best bits of a gap year into just a few days. This campaign isn’t necessarily aimed at foreign markets, but rather domestic tourism. We thought it deserved a mention though. #MyMicoGap campaign was launched by Visit Britain to inspire young Brits to discover the UK and show that they don’t have to travel far for a trip of a lifetime. The ad highlights some of the UK’s most thrilling and exciting activities encouraging 18 – 34 year olds to get off the sofa and discover more. Those interested could also check out the My Micro Gap site to see what’s on offer around the UK. Pop culture and youth media outlet, Vice also teamed up with Visit England to host the website where those interested could navigate through experiences in their chosen location.