Organic Tips To Make Your Brand Stand Out On Instagram

By 26/03/2018Digital
With over 500 million Instagram users browsing the app every day, it is no wonder that brands want a piece of the action. In this post, we will show you how to effectively use Instagram without spending budget on media.
The digital team in Verve often get asked the same question however, “How do I grow my following”? Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t allow you to place Ads into your target markets newsfeed with a CTA to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ the page. This means that advertisers have to be a little more creative with their approach which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Brands with a high following are generally there on merit.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtagging your photos makes it easy for people to find your page while searching for that specific term. It is the number 1 way of growing your page with relevant followers who are genuinely interested in your page. If you post beautiful photographs and don’t hashtag, those photos will only every reach your current followers. Not sure what hashtags are popular? Websta is a handy little resource. Top 5 hashtags at the moment.

  1. #love (1,278,597,915)
  2. #instagood (748,624,960)
  3. #photooftheday (510,763,211)
  4. #fashion (491,058,958)
  5. #beautiful (466,312,513)

A note that in order to acquire long term engaged followers, you will need to be a little more niche that the generic terms above. If you type a specific term into Websta it will supply additional relevant terms, sorted by popularity. We recommend including your own brand keyword in the hashtags, the product keywords and also location keywords, giving the user every opportunity to find you.

Post at the right times

It is essential to post at the right time, putting your brand in front of your audience at a time when they are most likely to engage. A simple example would be a coffee brand posting content at 11pm at night. It would be much more beneficial to post early morning, targeting the morning commuters. A handy website is IconSquare. The optimisation section gives you a detailed analysis of previous posts and how they performed. It also highlights the best times of the day along with the best days of the week to post.

Scope out the competition

The likelihood is that your competition has followers that could potentially be interested in your business too. There are several way to attract these followers over to your page but it requires a little bit of time.

  • Follow the user
  • Like their photo
  • Comment on a photo

Each of the above will attract their attention. A handy tip would be to have your own page in peak condition before undergoing their exercise. If they decide to have a look, it is imperative that you are putting your best foot forward.

Use Geotags

Ensure you tag your location when posting on Instagram or Instagram stories and increase the likelihood of being found locally. Locations have their own feed within Instagram and also their own Story. It is a terrific way of being part of the conversation.

Turn your stories into Highlights

One of Instagram’s latest features allows brands to turn their once 24 hour stories into highlights which reside on their page indefinitely. These have an exceptionally high open rate and allows brands showcase their products in innovative ways. We were particularly impressed by how Hubspot used the Highlights feature to feature individual products/services that they offer.


One of the oldest but still one of the most consistent and reliable, giveaways work extremely well on social media, particularly Instagram. How often do we see “Tag a friend” giveaways. Simply put, they work really well. Not only do these comments help your posts engagement, which in turn shoots you up the Instagram algorithm, it also bring a new audience member in the form of the friend onto your page.

Take on an Influencer

Love it or hate it, Influencer marketing is a hot topic at the moment and has incredible potential. It will cost you money but they have incredible reach. Brands are tapping into both their creativity and audience in order to push their product more and more. Consumers tend to trust an influencer more so than a brand which in turn has lead to paid promotions/partnerships between advertisers and influencers.

We found it is important to not only look at Influencers following count when taking them on board for projects, but also their engagement rate.

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