LinkedIn Headshot Studio at Inside Sales World 2016


LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network, is fast becoming the most important tool for employers to find prospective candidates, so it’s never been more important to put your best foot forward online.

A complete LinkedIn profile displaying your work experience and professional achievements is only half the battle when it comes to catching the eye of a potential business partner or recruiter. With a sub-standard profile photo, you could be overlooked – even if you have the most impressive of résumés.

Knowing that the perfect profile photo could mean the difference between a new position or valuable new business connections and nothing, we made it easy for professionals to get the money shot.

At Inside Sales World 2016 in Croke Park, we worked with our client LinkedIn to create a headshot studio – complete with studio lighting and backdrop. Attendees lined up to be snapped by a professional photographer on-site. Once they had an image they were happy with, they provided their contact details and a link to the image was text and emailed within seconds, ready to be uploaded to LinkedIn. The images were cropped and compressed automatically by a custom developed web based system. Attendees agreed to have their contact information shared with LinkedIn, who can now keep in touch with their target market about their latest products and services.