Immersive Public Landmarks

Snap, tag, share. Three words that have become increasingly common in our day to day vocabulary. From perfectly pastel pop-ups to indulgent museums, we’re increasingly being exposed to new experiences all with the intention of finding a place on our social feed.

More recently, we’re seeing this trend develop on a much larger scale with a new series of immersive landmarks. As some past monuments remain relevant in a historic and cultural context, contemporary creators are infusing our lives with colourful, interactive and playful pieces in cities around the world. Ultimately, giving each location its own unique icon that makes its way into the online social realm.


What’s more perfect for an Insta pic than a larger than life picture frame? This outstanding piece of architecture is the latest must-see landmark in Dubai. The Frame reaches up to 150 metres where visitors have a 360’ breathtaking view of the city. It was designed to “frame” Dubai’s growth over the years, from one side it frames perfectly the glittering modern metropolis and from the other it shows the cities older neighbourhoods. The building also features augmented reality projections inside where visitors are taken on a journey of Dubai.


The highly anticipated ‘Vessel’, by Thomas Heatherwick is set to open in Hudson Yards this spring. The structure also known as ‘New York’s Staircase’ will be uniquely interactive, inviting the public to climb and explore the 80 landings and 2,500 individual steps. In a city known for its impressive skyline and eye catching buildings, this new addition aims to be something different that everybody can use, touch and relate to. The Vessel will definitely be on your ‘must see’ list along with the cities other iconic sites. 


For over 150 years four monumental lions sat in Trafalgar Square as silent British icons, witness to every protest, demonstration and celebration. If one of these lions could talk, what would they say? Last September a fifth fluorescent lion joined the pride as part of a project by artist ES Devlin and Google Arts & Culture. The public were invited to “feed the lion” words, which were projected onto the body of the lion and then recited into a poem and roared out by the lion at night.


The term #Wanderlust has never been more appropriate. The Kiyotsu Gorge is one of Japan’s most well-known beautifully natural, scenic areas. Last year architecture studio MAD transformed the route along the mountain into various pieces of immersive experiences. The most striking piece is the final point called the ‘Light Cave’, a tunnel shaped area covered by a shallow pool and mirrors along the walls that reflect the stunning viewpoint. Visitors can explore the tunnels full stretch and are encouraged to take time to consider their relationship with nature and of course… Instagram!


At first glance you’d think this large pyramid like object was zapped down from outer space, however this eye catching piece was designed by renowned artist Christo. The 20 metre high ‘Mastaba’ defied laws of physics as it floated on London’s Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park late last year. Visitors to the park were able to swim and take paddle boats out to the striking red and purple structure to get the perfect #selfie with it. ‘The Mastaba’ follows on from other large scale works from Christo like ”Floating Piers’  and ”Surrounded Islands”, we look forward to seeing (and snapping) his next piece.