How To Stand Out At London Cocktail Week

A few short weeks after the spectacle of London Fashion Week came to an end, London was back in the world’s spotlight with the famous London Cocktail Week. Every year, brands, bars and bartenders from across the world create special drinks and experiences in high end bars across London and congregate at the Cocktail Village at the Old Truman Brewery competing for consumer attention. The Cocktail Village gets bigger and better every year with all brands looking to give their stand or promotion the edge. Want your activation to stand out? Here’s 5 tips to make your tipple the toast of London Cocktail Village.


The events and drinks industries are full of firsts. Want to sip on an espresso martini through a maple infused bamboo straw whilst suspended from 400 ft above the Grand Canyon? We can sort that. You want to drink a frozen Margarita with Tequila infused with ice shards from the Himalayas? No problem. Whilst these are perhaps slightly extreme examples, the intention is no different at London Cocktail week; you have to show consumers you’ve really considered your stand and gone the extra mile for them. Long gone are the days that the drinks alone can speak for themselves behind a minimally decorated stall, consumers are drawn in by how pleasing your stand is to look at.


Clever structure sorted, look to the branding. Branding is essential on any stand, but bigger doesn’t always mean better; it needs to be eye catching but thought provoking. Every touch point of your experience should appeal to this sophisticated audience – and that includes the branding. Hand painted lettering can up the sophistication of your stand 100% and creates great social content. So reward those people with branding that demonstrates your brand values and shows the average onlooker you’re there as a front runner amongst the world’s leading drinks brands or bars.


In an age where the consumer is increasingly savvy with marketing strategies, brands need to revert back to an interesting and meaningful brand narrative. It’s all very well creating beautiful and intricate cocktails, but without a story behind them, consumers will move on from your stand quite quickly. Find a piece of your brand that sets you apart from others and run with it. It could be the overarching brand message or a small anecdote that an employee did 75 years ago, but make sure it’s interesting and reflected in your stand and drinks.


In the event industry, we can’t stress how important it is to invest in the right staff for your stand. Every member of staff on your stand needs to be a brand savvy people person, with the ability to engage with consumers. Having a fantastic brand narrative is useless without the right people to deliver it. Don’t let all your hard work on your activation fall short with disinterested staff.


Last, but most certainly not least, the drink! The wildest structure, smartest branding, best story and friendliest staff are only as good as the product itself. London Cocktail week attendees want the whole package, and this revolves around the drink – that’s what they’re there for. Invest in creating beautiful, delicious and surprising cocktails that bring the whole activation together.

All of these things together will give you the edge in the bustling London Cocktail Village – roll on London Cocktail Week 2019!