Five times charities pulled our heart strings with emotional videos.

In an age of charity- scepticism, fundraising organisations have to be really innovative with how they deliver their message. Luckily, when it comes to reaching people, where there is emotion, there is a huge opportunity to make a connection. So, we’ve gathered together the top 5 campaigns that go beyond the quinntessential tear-jerker and stir up empathy in really creative and brave new ways. Some are smart, some are funny but all have a really powerful message.


Rather than opt for the traditional tear-jerker, RNIB decided that comedy would be a more impactful route to deliver their message. The campaign is really refreshing as it raises awareness for the cause while also educating viewers about the prejudices that people with disabilities often face. People are tired of feeling wracked with guilt from charity campaigns and comedy is a great way to address a taboo without the usual ‘virtue-signalling’. Check out the video.

Tommy’s – Together for Change

The power of Together For Change lies in its simplicity. The campaign was created to help support couples going through the grieving process of a miscarriage. This delicate message was delivered with a really subtle execution as the video follows the journey of the couple through social media. It proves that the delivery and execution of a message can be as important as the message itself.

Amnesty International – Through the eyes of a refugee

Charity donations are based on empathy but how do we get people to donate to a cause that feels a million miles from their own everyday life?

Amnesty International went extremely lateral with this campaign by using hypnosis to put people in the shoes of the victims. Five people volunteered to experience what Syrian refugees go through in escaping their country before watching the footage of themselves back afterwards. At the end of the video, the five volunteers meet the Syrian woman behind the story. This further brings home the reality of the refugee crisis by using empathy-provoking storytelling techniques.

The Childhood trust – The Real Christmas Story

Christmas charity campaigns often rely on portraying the extreme struggles of those in developing countries to garner a reaction but often overlook the challenges faced by those on our own doorstep. The story by Childhood Trust forces us to reconsider what we deem to be a perfectly happy scene at Christmas time.

Cat Protection – Genie’s Christmas Wish

We’ve noticed that dogs really steal the show at Christmas, while the aloofness of cats tend to jar with yuletide cheer. As the UK’s largest feline welfare charity, Cats Protection have a different story to tell . This short animation follows the true story of a young girl and the bond between her and her feline friend, casting the cat in a new and caring role to help boost donations at Christmas time.