Content During COVID: Creatives Making Lemonade

By 01/05/2020Creative, Digital

We’re all at home, and it’s safe to say we are consuming even more social media content than we usually would, passing time online and trying to keep abreast of the latest news. 

On the social trail, we’ve spotted a few creatives killing the game at lockdown content and filling our feeds with posts which take in our current circumstances, while keeping an eye on the bright side. 

To help you through the week ahead, we’ve collated a shortlist of accounts worth watching to give you that lift when you need it most!

STREET ART – @emmaleneblake

One particular painter has been hard to miss over the past few weeks with the large-scale portrayals of celebrities, each with its own unique messaging around staying at home at responsible social distancing. 

Emmalene Blake has been adding a pop of colour and fun to the national directives that could otherwise seem quite somber. Check her out on Instagram @emmaleneblake, or on her website at

POETRY – @raymond_antrobus

Raymond is a British educator and poet of Jamaican heritage, who has been performing poetry since 2007. In 2019, the deaf spoken-word artist became the first-ever poet to be awarded the Rathbone Folio Prize for best work of literature in any genre. 

During the lockdown period, Raymond has been producing a weekly Instagram Live series named “Poems For a Lockdown”, in which he and a guest read and discuss a collection of poems. He has committed to do this every week until the lockdown is lifted- so take yourself to @raymond_antrobus every Thursday at 08:10 pm UK time.

CARTOONIST- @twisteddoodles

@TwistedDoodles has repositioned her content to take in the life we’re living now. Maria Boyle is a scientist, author, parent and cartoonist who always has a fresh perspective or a funny take on the happenings of her own life, and those she sees around her. Her cartoons jump back and forth between comforting notes on this shared experience, visual dad jokes with a scientific twist- and her viral doodles are most definitely nailing the trend.

RADIO BROADCASTING – @quarantinefm

Though the wider picture in the radio scene has been sobering, with many advertising sponsors pulling their marketing from the sphere, a set of young Irish broadcasters are working hard to fill our airwaves with relevant content during these tricky times. 

Anna Rose Charleton and Kate McKeown have partnered together to start Quarantine FM, which has taken the radio world- and our social feeds- by storm. Hailing from RTEpulse, Charleton found herself without an outlet at the beginning of the crisis- so she decided to create her own, featuring speakers and shows which would shine some light on the present. 

PHOTOGRAPHER – @ruthlessimagery

Ruth Medjber is a music and portrait photographer who has turned her vivid and vibrant shooting style to the quieter subject of her neighbours at home during quarantine. In a series named “Gra sa Bhaile”, Ruth has produced a heartwarming set of images showing local individuals and families posing for a photo through their front windows at twilight, bringing community values and warmth to the forefront in these strange times.

COMEDY – @foilarmsandhog

The quintessentially Irish “Foil, Arms and Hog” seem to get it right every time, speaking uniquely to Irish experience, and giving us all a much-needed laugh to brighten our weeks. Focusing in on scenarios familiar to us all in these times, the boys have kept it up with new instant classics about trying to video call elderly parents, at-home workouts, and the world post-lockdown. Sit down and tune in for a giggle @foilarmsandhog.

Cartoonist- @willmcphail4

It’s no surprise that British-born Will McPhail has had such rip-roaring success over the past couple of years, drawing regularly for The New Yorker. Will’s content is consistently hilarious and always brings an unexpected twist. Regularly publishing brand new work with perfect timing, his drawings speak to the newest twist in world news- and somehow manage to tie the big picture directly to your own personal experience. Check him out @willmcphail4

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