Closing the curtain on Electric Picnic

By 07/09/2018Experiential
Electric Picnic

As the curtain falls on Electric Picnic and people are hopefully back on track, it’s timely to reflect on the fact it’s not only consumers who tend to let their hair down at festivals.

Festival attendees are more informed, socially connected and have higher expectations than ever before. On the other hand, brands are becoming more and more integrated into the overall festival experience. Involvement that goes beyond pure sponsorship not only provides the funding event organisers need, it actually enhances the visitor experience.

It is not just a case of brands showing up anymore, they are expected to put on a show.  In today’s experience-driven economy brands must strive to enhance fan experiences through unique, credible and relevant activations.

It was a pleasure to work with Just Eat on their incredible ‘Flavourville’ experience…


Just Eat in collaboration with Verve and Extreme Structures created an immersive experience at EP this year. Celebrating its fifth year at Electric Picnic, the Just Eat Retreat was all about the food with ‘Flavourville’, the ultimate foodie destination and chill-out zone at this year’s festival. Visitors could sit back, relax and just like the real world, have their cuisine of choice delivered. If that wasn’t enough The Just Eat Picnic Waiter Service was back on the menu. Making life easier for festival attendees, the Picnic Waiters were stationed with rickshaws at the entrance ready to help picnic-goers deliver their kit to the campsite. A nice leave behind also was a voucher to each visitor who completed an order at ‘Flavourville’