Christmas Live Ad tracker

Updated the 2nd December 12:11

It’s that time of year when brands release their newest Christmas campaigns for all of us to get in the festive mood. We will be doing weekly updates on the newest releases of Christmas ads so stay tuned!

Coca-Cola Truck

The Coca-Cola truck is making it’s annual drive around the country. Don’t miss out on the chance to get a photo with the iconic Christmas truck. Click here to find your nearest stop.


Graham Norton opened up this Christmas campaign with the red chair handle that’s used on his show. We get a glimpse of how other people live their life during the Christmas holidays. Everything from crazy costumes, to binge watching series, sleeping in and sharing our Christmas dinner on social media. BBC have managed to capture it all!

Dunnes Stores

With a bad storm looming, the children begin to get worried that Santa won’t be able to find them. They call all of their friends and gather as many lights as they can. Everybody gathers in the main square of the village and start to plug in lights wherever they can. Shop keepers and truck drivers are turning on their lights to help. A flying airplane confirms that the village can be seen from the sky.

Microsoft – Holiday Magic: Lucy & the Reindeer

Microsoft’s Christmas campaigns shows a woman speaking to her Microsoft tablet and it is translating for her Japanese clients. The father explains this to the young girl who is fascinated by this technology. Two deer then enter into the young girls garden. She grabs her mothers Microsoft tablet and checks to see if the translating works for reindeer. Thankfully it does.

Very – Get More Out of Giving

Very’s Christmas campaign shows a community coming together to make a special Christmas for an old man who is their neighbour. Each person the pink box reaches, packs it full with Christmas treats and gifts to give to the man. Watch here as this will be a Christmas he never forgets.

Visa – Where You Shop Matters

Today’s society heavily relies on online shopping to get their Christmas shopping done. ‘Somebody to love’ by Queen is sung by multiple shop owners, urging people to walk into their shops and buy products or services from them. This campaign is quite emotional, as the shop owners are nearly pleading for customers. Take a look for yourself!


Once again Amazon have used their iconic logo as lips as the singing delivery boxes remind us of the warmth and festivities of Christmas. This joyous video show family and friends reuniting, Amazon parcels being delivered and people dancing and celebrating their new gifts from their loved ones.

Sainsbury’s – Nicholas the Sweep

This short story is based in the 19th Century when a young boy called Nicholas is a chimney sweep. When an orange falls off the basket, the young boy goes to pick it up and is caught by the police. The police automatically presume that the boy is stealing the fruit. He is banished from the village. A woman helps him and gives him a bucket of oranges. The boy then gives these oranges to the other boys who are chimney sweeps. This was the beginning of St. Nicholas

Stockland – The Story of Dunder

Rudolf is by far the most well known reindeer but did you know about Dunder? Stocklands used animation as a way to tell the story of Dunder who was originally Santa’s favourite reindeer.

TK Maxx – Gift Different

Tk Maxx are encouraging people to step outside their comfort zone of getting the ‘same old’ presents for their loved ones and shop in TK Maxx for something different. In true TK Maxx style, this over the top video shows some of the gift ideas that the store has to offer.

KFC – Up in Smoke

Christmas dinner is the highlight of the holidays for most people. While most dinners are well planned, sometimes they can end in catastrophe. KFC created a 10 second animation of a character taking a burnt turkey out of the oven. KFC want to wish people luck when it comes to cooking the Christmas dinner.

Tesco – Delivering Christmas

Tesco are celebrating their 100th anniversary and no better way than a Christmas video. The delivery van blasts back into the past, giving out free baskets of food to those that are there to greet the Tesco driver.

McDonalds – Reindeer Ready

As a little girl prepares for Christmas, McDonalds is the perfect place for reindeer treats. McDonalds are giving out mini carrots when you order your food. This beautiful animation perfectly encapsulates the excitement of Christmas.

Macy’s – Santa Girl

With the help of her parents, a little girl fulfills her dreams of being Santa Claus. Macy’s didn’t hold back for this years Christmas campaign

Dogs Trust

We get a sense of how a dog can create a better atmosphere in a house around Christmas time. Dogs trust are encouraging people to remember that a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

Hobby Lobby – Christmas Is What You Make It

A small gesture for a hard working Mum can mean the world. Her son decides to do something special for his Mum by selling his PlayStation remotes and buying Christmas decorations. When the Mum comes home from her shift at the hospital, she is delighted to find her house beautifully decorated.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

Kevin the Carrot has made his return for this year’s Aldi Christmas campaign. We are reunited with all of the best characters from the Christmas cast. Check it out!

Argos – The Book of Dreams

Argos decided to be nostalgic and bring back the Argos catalog. This campaign is a great example of the joy that is brought to families during Christmas time.

Marks & Spencers – Go Jumpers for Christmas

Marks & Spencers usually go for an emotional and heart warming approach to their Christmas campaign but decided to change things up this year. Have a look for yourself!

IKEA – Silence the critics

IKEA are well-known for having fantastic Christmas advertisements and they did not disappoint this year. This one is a good laugh as it takes you by surprise.

Boots – Bootiques

Boots are launching their brand new campaign, Bootiques. This campaign is focused around the difficulty people have trying to shop for different personalities. The visual starts in a old style village hall, as a woman speaks about the common gifting frustrations. One man reaches boiling point and desperately searches for a shop that provides for everyone. Luckily he finds it…

Asda- Let’s Make Christmas extra special

Christmas time is a chance for families to unite and celebrate the festivities together. Asda followed the journey of a sister and brother who come together to share the magic of Christmas.

WWF – Adopt a Better Future

This beautiful animated stop motion was released today, the 13th of November. WWF are urging the public to adopt a jaguar to help save the species. This powerful campaign video shows a young girl defending a jaguar from human machinery. This campaign gives people hope that there is still time to help these animals.

John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose Partners

The most anticipated Christmas ad is finally here! Have a look for yourself at this heart warming animation.

Coca-Cola – Unlocking Holiday Magic

Coca-Cola have decided to create an interactive experience with the Coca-Cola can. Scan the QR code and enjoy a winter wonderland.

Joules – Wallace and Gromit Christmas at the click of a button

Who doesn’t love Wallace and Gromit?  This 43 second video perfectly sums up the mischievous duo.