Five brands getting creative with Giphy stickers

Ever since gif stickers from Giphy became searchable and accessible natively via Instagram and Snapchat stories, brands have been rushing to create content to show up when users are looking for that one killer gif to make their story look better. With younger social media users veering away from permanent wall posts, and towards temporary content like Instagram and Snapchat stories, Giphy stickers have become the latest tool in the marketeers box to organically engage with consumers. A good sticker that’s tied to an event, meme, or just resonates with what the consumer is thinking is a fantastic way to get consumers mentioning and sharing your brand. We take a look at some examples below that include some of our own creations here in Verve.


KBC are headline sponsors of the Dublin Marathon and race series and they tasked the Verve Digital and Social team to create a series of Giphy stickers that runners could use in their training for the Dublin Marathon, as well as the race itself. Training for a marathon is a hard slog, and people take pride in sharing their highs and lows of training on social media. We worked with KBC to create 18 gif stickers to both poke fun and show pride about what it’s like to train for a marathon. View them here.


Rockshore position themselves as a brand that thrives on friends coming together, going on adventures and not taking themselves too seriously. They’ve created a suite of giphy stickers to their tone of voice. From clinking glasses, beer hats, and enjoying the sun, their gifs celebrate kicking back or having craic and banter with friends. View them all here.

Vue Cinema

Vue cinemas have picked up on some consumer behaviour that customers love to engage in. They love telling people they are either going to, or are at the cinema. With that in mind, they created a simple collection of branded Giphy stickers to help social media users tell their friends they’re at the cinema.

Guinness Cork Jazz Festival

Now in its 42nd year, the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival attracts over 40,000 people annually. User generated content from the festival is absolutely unmissable, with thousands of Instagram stories created over the festival weekend. To capitalise on this, a series of Giphy stickers were created to give Instagram and Snapchat users something to “jazz” up their stories. Proud to call this another output of the Verve social media team.


Nike teamed up with The Infatuation, a New York restaurant guide, to get social media users to earn their food by going for a run. If the user ran at least one mile, they got a free meal at a chosen restaurant. All the user had to do was download the app and log how many miles they ran, post with campaign hashtag online and show it to the restaurant. The campaign included Giphy stickers to give consumers an extra asset to use.