Brands That Engaged In Social Good

By 24/05/2018Ads, Digital, Experiential

In recent years, it’s become hard to ignore the growing trend of social good campaigns. Whether it’s donating products to those in need, fundraising for a worthy charity, or supporting a social movement, brands are using their platform to help give a voice to those who need it most. While some prefer to go incognito, it’s nice to know that the brands you love are giving back too. This week we’re here to share the good work of brands that took the time to help create positive outcomes.


It’s a common thought that Alzheimer’s tends to only affect those in their later years, however the signs of this disease can begin at a much earlier age. Targeting a younger demographic, ‘The Day Shazam Forgot’ was a creative campaign offered by the music app which sought to create awareness and raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research. When users began searching for a song, the app experienced a glitch and had difficulty identifying songs. The app responded with lines like “I’m sure I know this one” and “I just can’t quite . .” – giving the audience a hard-hitting insight to the daily struggles of people suffering from Alzheimer’s. When Shazam finally remembered the song, users were educated on the disease and driven to a call-to-action to donate to Alzheimer’s Research.


Just this November gone, Australians voted in favour of same sex marriage, however the lead up to the referendum was an unending struggle for the LGBT community. Exercising their brands core values and to show their ongoing support of same sex marriage, Airbnb initiated their #UntilWeAllBelong movement. The campaign marketed a black ‘Acceptance Ring’ that was incomplete, symbolising the need to ‘close the gap’ in marriage equality. Over 70 thousand rings were sent out to supporters, who were called to wear it until same sex marriage was legalised. Airbnb also encouraged people to share their #AccpetenceStory via their website were they could create a personalised pledge to show their support.  


Fast food chain Wendy’s is usually known for its quick-witted, tongue in cheek tweets, however the brand has always demonstrated its commitment to place children in foster care into permanent, loving homes. #Share4Adoption was a social initiative in which the company partnered with Snapchat to build awareness and raise funds for The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Customers who visited the restaurant and purchased a soft drink found an exclusive snapcode that unlocked a custom Snapchat  selfie filter. Wendy’s encouraged customers to share their selfie on social media using #Share4Adoption and for every hashtag used it would donate $5 dollars to DYFA. The campaign reached thousands, highlighting the number of children living in foster care in America.


If someone asked whether you listen to more male or female musicians, would you know the answer? Spotify revealed that 100% of the top streamed tracks in 2017 were performed by males. This year, the music platform collaborated with Smirnoff to help support female artists and empower women through their Equaliser tool. When users land on the Smirnoff Equaliser web page and connect their Spotify account, the tool begins to analyse the percentage of music they listen to created by men versus women. Once results are displayed, the platform then prepares a more balanced playlist based on the users personal listening history. You can check your result here


In 2016, children’s cartoon Pokemon took over the mobile screens of fans worldwide with their Pokemon Go app. In support of environmental protection, the brand called on ‘trainers’ to take action on Earth Day this year. Collaborating with Mission Blue, the brand initiated 68 global clean-up events where Pokemon Go fans could use the app to collect exclusive rewards and avatars through geofencing technology. The in-game rewards were tied to how many people checked into the events, the more people that attended – the bigger the returns. Bringing together players worldwide the clean up initiative was part of global movement towards protecting the Earth.