Brands Getting Creative With The ‘Live Tool’ On Social Platforms

By 13/04/2018Digital, Uncategorised

With video already dominating social channels, live streaming is going from strength to strength and is providing brands with another media to engage consumers in. Garnering higher engagement than regular video (10 times more according to Facebook), it’s no wonder brands are jumping in on the action and getting innovative with the tool across platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter and Instagram. We understand that going “live” might be a little unnerving, so we’ve rounded up some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Sport Experts: Facebook Live Controlling with Reactions

Canadian sports retailer Sport Experts took advantage of ‘Facebook Reactions’ during their ‘Grab a Gift’ live stream. Displaying an arcade crane machine on their broadcast controlled by ‘reactions’ in real time, users could ‘like’ to move the crane left, ‘heart’ to move right, ‘laughs’ to move forward and ‘wow’ to move backwards. The concept motivated users to simultaneously work together to win prizes, often tagging their friends in the comments to join, resulting in a fun, interactive experience.

Mr Robot: Twitch Debt Deletion

To promote the premiere of the american drama series Mr.Robot, ISL executed a live stream campaign via gaming platform Twitch. Targeting a platform that was native to the audience and affiliated with the show, allowed them to reach their desired market. During one of  its most popular streams, ‘Mr Robot and the Fsociety’ interrupted and “hacked” Twitch to gave away $100,000 debt deletion in real time. The live stream, which lasted over 72 hours saw the “hackers” reveal a code every 30 minutes that could be used to win one of the cash payouts. Capturing the viewers attention in an innovative way while remaining true to its conception, created awareness and hype around the series.

Guinness Greenwood Series

For the Six Nations Rugby this year, Verve partnered with Guinness and Will Greenwood to bring you the #GuinnessGreenwoodSeries live stream via Twitter. Drawing from the insight that an increasing amount of people now ‘second screen’ when they watch the t.v. The motivation behind this is to share and validate their own opinions, while consuming the views of peers and ‘experts’ alike. At notable moments during each match, we went live on Twitter to deliver short clips from Will and guests discussing the games play and joining in the online social conversation. Adding  to the experience we also installed a Guinness harp reaction emoji to our streams – the first of its kind in Europe!

Benefit Cosmetics: Live Daily Show on Facebook

Hosting a daily or weekly live show is a way to continuously draw back followers to your social channel. Benefit Cosmetics utilised this approach on their ‘Tipsy Tricks With Benefit’ weekly live stream. Tapping into their audiences behaviours the video was set in a casual, “girls night” format, were the host and special guest sipped wine and chatted about popular beauty topics. Resonating with their followers, Benefit also encouraged them to comment and vote on the brands Facebook Polls driving engagement throughout.

Tesla: Launch into Space Live Youtube Stream 

Tesla went to a whole other level (literally!) when they launched it’s Roadster into space on-board SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket earlier this year. Generating interest and excitement from around the world, viewers were able to live stream ‘Starman’ taking off on his unknown journey directly from SpaceX’s Youtube channel. Being the first car ever launched into our solar system, the event garnered over 2.3 million concurrent views – the second largest live stream in Youtube history.

Super Deluxe

If you’re looking for some offbeat and wacky inspiration (or just some fun), look no further than entertainment brand, Super Deluxe. These guys regularly take to Facebook Live for an interactive broadcast with its followers. Through ‘reaction buttons’ and comments, viewers decide the predicament of the stream enabling engagement with its millennial audience.

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