Brand Loyalty at Wimbledon

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Brands like Slazenger have been serving up a successful sponsorship with Wimbledon for 113 years – so how do newer partnerships like OPPO create share of voice? The answer seems to be tenacity – be the brands that are most associated with the Championships and have serious SW19 heritage.  Here’s a countdown of brands we most associate with the famous grass of the All England Lawn Tennis Club:


In 2018, it was estimated that tennis lovers watching courtside and on the grounds surrounding Wimbledon consumed more than 300,000 glasses of Pimm’s. Verve had the pleasure of helping the good folks at Pimm’s to distribute these libations. To speed up the process they introduced Pimm’s on tap at the bars on the hill. This year was no different with excited tennis enthusiasts flocking to the tournament with a hunger for tennis and thirst for Pimm’s. 


Slazenger have been the official ball supplier of Wimbledon since 1902 and this doesn’t look set to change. This is one of the longest partnerships in the history of sport. This year they provided the Wimbledon Championships with over 52,000 balls each of which had to go through a strenuous testing process to make sure they are of the right quality for the competition. 


Ralph Lauren provide all the officials outfits for the Wimbledon Championships. The clothing giant partnered with Wimbledon back in 2006 and have been responsible for dressing the umpires and ball boys since this time. The next time you see those cream pants and navy blazers you’ll remember they’re Ralph Lauren.  


Time flies when you’re having fun or playing tennis as it turns out. Rolex have been the official timekeeper of the Wimbledon Championships 1978. The iconic Rolex clock is one of the most prominent features on the court, after the players that is. Although sometimes it’s more recognisable than some of them.


When the biggest names in Tennis descend on the UK for the Wimbledon Championships it’s only right that one of the biggest  names in the world of luxury automobiles provides the transport. This is why Jaguar/Land Rover provided 170 luxury vehicles for the 2019 tournament to get players and officials from A to B safely and on time. They have been the official car of the tournament since 2015.


Hydration is key for these elite athletes and Robinsons spotted this a cool 83 years ago in 1935 when their partnership with the Wimbledon Championship began. Now in 2019 they are still providing the stars of the tournament with refreshing drinks in the changing rooms. Roll on 84 years.

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