Valentine’s Day Campaigns


They love me, they love me not… whatever you decide brands will still fight for your attention using any significant holiday as a chance to jump on the bandwagon. Valentine’s day is a chance for brands to show their more playful, fun and romantic, or not so romantic side. Check out some of our fav picks.


Don’t have anyone to snuggle up with this Valentines? No problem! KFC’s Bae Bucket robot is your answer to a romantic date. You can visit the “Baechelor” or “Baechelorette” in selected KFC restaurants where the robot will carry your meal and follow you around using it’s built in sensors. The robot is also equipped with bluetooth so you can play your favourite love songs all evening. Sadly these robots are not for sale, but you can win one by showing your love for the brand on Twitter and Instagram using #KFCBAEBucket.


The jewellery company usually associated with romance and love treated customers to more than just gold rings and necklaces this year. Knowing that Valentine’s is one of the most popular days for people sharing images on Instagram and Snapchat, the brand tapped into this trend allowing customers to create their very own “Sticker” on their website. Customers can customise classic Valentine tattoos, download and upload to their snaps. Encouraging UGC the brand is asking users to share using #BelieveInLove hashtag. Create yours here.


Snickers helped out forgetful lovers who failed to make dinner or holiday reservations with their Oublié (french word for forgotten) pop up restaurant. The brand parked a Valentine’s themed van in Shoreditch that asked the question “need a table for tonight” tying in with their wider “you’re forgetful when you’re hungry” campaign. Passersby could grab a reservation card securing their table at the exclusive pop up restaurant, where they were treated to a 3 course meal from London’s top chefs.


This is the first year India celebrates Valentine’s Day after the decriminalisation of Act 377. In support of the LGBTQ communnity Uber changed user route maps to rainbow colours, each time a user books a ride the app lights up with the pride colours, signifying love for all. The brand have also started a petition on Instagram and Twitter for a pride colour emoji heart to be added to the apps tying into their #LoveMovesForward campaign.


Aaaand for all the Valentine’s Day haters. A zoo in Texas is giving visitors a chance to name a cockroach after ex partners. In an event called “quit bugging me”, keepers at El Paso Zoo will feed the insects to hungry meerkats. The action will be streamed live on Zoo’s Facebook and on their “meerkat webcam”. Who says romance is dead?!


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