Super Bowl Ads 2020 – Who did it best?


Just as Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers battled for the National Football League Championship, major brands and marketing agencies fought for our attention during the Super Bowl Sunday.

As of today, our top 5 Super Bowl ads delivered over 135 million views combined on youtube, plus the additional 102 million viewers who watched the game on Sunday. Paying a big sum of money just to air during America’s most watched televised event was definitely worth their money in the end.

Jeep – ‘Groundhog Day’

Super Bowl fell on Groundhog Day this year or Groundhog Day fell on Super Bowl day? Either way, Bill Murray took part in his first-ever commercial in a “Groundhog Day” spoof, reliving the same day over and over again because every day is always a new adventure when you’re driving the new 2020 Jeep Gladiator.

Amazon – ‘Before Alexa’

Technology has made our world easier right? In the 90 second ad, Ellen DeGeneres and Porta DeRossi stars in a funny commercial that brings us back to the days before Amazon’s Alexa.

Google ‘Loretta’

Google released an ad about a man remembering his late-life by using the search engine to help him reminisce about the relationship he had with the love of his life. The ad was deeply touching and was very similar to the opening scene of the movie “Up”.

Olay – Make Space For Women

Skincare brand Olay launched its #MakeSapaceForWomen campaign during the Super Bowl. The company will donate $1 to Girls Who Code every time someone uses the hashtag. The Ad was inspired by the recent all-female spacewalks and it encourages women to go for roles that are not traditionally filled by females.

Rocket Mortgage – Jason Momoa

It’s hard to imagine actor Jason Momoa skinny, bald and no body strength. But in the Rocket Mortgage ad, he shows viewers that his home is the only place where he can let his guard down by removing a muscle suit and a wig.


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