Sizzling Summer Themed Campaigns We Loved


While Summer may sometimes seem like the forgotten season here in Ireland, there are numerous brands who still manage to create some sunshine, even on the dullest of days!
Summer themed campaigns tend to radiate a feelgood, fun factor, something most brands want to be associated with. Due to this, we often witness amplified marketing efforts during these seasonal months, some of which really hit the nail on the head and set the standard.

LG’s QuadWash Inflatable Water Park

LG recognised that not everyone would be as excited as they were about the launch of their new QuadWash washing machine. In order to boost enthusiasm and engage their target audience, the brand built an inflatable water park in the centre of Manhattan during the Summer of 2017. Creating an obstacle course made of plates, cups and a giant spoon slide, the water park was based around the new product’s key features.
Attendees were subtly educated on what the QuadWash had to offer whilst enjoying a positive and memorable brand experience.

Havaianas Palm Tree Lot

It’s no surprise to see Christmas tree lots around the streets of Manhattan in December – Palm tree lots may not be so common. In an attempt to brighten up the New Yorkers day and promote their summer footwear attire, flip flop brand Havaianas turned the concrete jungle into an actual tropical jungle at the beginning of the summer season. Fully branded with Havaianas flip flips and “beach bum” models, passers-by had the chance to take home a palm tree for free by capturing a photo at the lot and sharing it using the #InstatJoy hashtag – the brands official hashtag. Encouraging UGC on social media, the activation sparked attention both offline and online.

Pimm’s & Wimbledon – The Perfect Match

Diageo wanted to further the positive brand Partnership between Pimm’s and Wimbledon . Verve worked alongside the team to create Pimm’s bars at Wimbledon, which immediately captured Pimm’s persona. This helped drive an significantly increased volume of sales, and permitted Pimm’s to instantly engage tennis fans. To make the encounter more immersive, our trained ambassadors were on hand to provide a perfect serve, every serve. Each pour was made from scratch, dressed and garnished to the highest standard, with the best ingredients. Creative, stylish and brand relevant PIMM’s  POS was in place to ensure the target audience fully enjoyed Pimm’s at Wimbledon, a true summer tradition.

Chill Out at The Beach with Coca Cola

Coco-Cola wanted a memorable launch for their new packaging in Brazil. Not to be outdone by previous campaigns, they found a way to amplify the consumer’s desire for an ice cold can of coke. By placing a large block of ice containing 500 cans of the new packaging on the Brazilian beach Ipanema, the brand created immense levels of excitement amongst thirsty beach goers. Proving to be the marketing experts that they are, Coca – Cola wanted to add a twist to this experiential campaign. Those who wanted a can of Coke, would have to work for it. It was up to passers-by to find a way to remove the product submerged in the ice, or simply wait for the ice to melt, thus increasing excitement and anticipation.

Barclaycard’s ‘Cone-tactless’ Ice-Cream Van

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of contactless payments being available to Barclaycard users, the brand decided to tap into a traditional Summertime staple; the ice-cream van. A bespoke prototype was created where consumers who would traditionally have to pay with cash, could now use contactless and speed up the process. No long queues, no searching for change, just quick and easy ice-cream thanks to Barclaycard! This campaign not only evoked a sense of nostalgia amongst its target audience, it also showcased the brand as innovative problem solvers who understand their customer’s pain points.


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