Brands using data insights for campaign creativity


Big data can unveil real truths about your customer. Taking a deep dive into this information can lend insight on consumer behaviour, perception and attitudes (even things like how people are 36% more likely to post about ‘Mean Girls’ on Wednesday than any other day of the week!).

In a market where consumers are constantly looking for brands to be more authentic, some have used data to drive brand strategy and to truly resonate with their audience. Here’s our pick of creative ad campaigns where data and insight was at their core.


For the re-launch of Google Maps, the tech giant told New Yorkers that they didn’t really know New York or anything in it… yet. Google used real-time data in an outdoor campaign to promote their new ‘Explore’ tool which aimed to help people discover new things in their neighbourhood. The digital outdoor ads displayed copy based on real-time results for what was trending in each area. The campaign was driven by Google ratings and trend data, showcasing to their users new places they might not know about…yet. Although the campaign was received well in Manhattan, it did spark some controversy among residents in Brooklyn suggesting it encouraged gentrification to the borough.


Sunsets, hot-dog legs and boomerang cocktail cheers, we’re all guilty of posting holiday snaps to Facebook and Instagram. Three Mobile tracked the data usage of their customers abroad and found that they used 71 times the amount of data they would normally use if they were at home. This lead to their humorous campaign apologising for the #HolidaySpam which promoted their no extra fees offer.


Dating app, Hinge wanted to separate themselves from the popular Tinder and Bumble launching their ‘Let’s Be Real’ campaign. Using consumer data collected when a person joins their app the brand created billboards with copy inspired by the answers they received. The ads were also localised referencing places nearby to further engage passersby.


The ‘special instructions’ box was the creative spark that lead to food delivery service, Seamless ad campaign. As most of us might add normal requests like ‘no onions’ or ‘extra spicy’ to our takeaway orders, Seamless found that their customers were including much more bizarre requests. In an attempt to humorously shame these kooky customers and to the amusement of others they used the “special requests” text as content for digital videos and print ads.


#YearWithUber was a campaign from the brand that captured customers trip history from the past 12 months and turned it into a personalised video about their travels. Uber extracted sentiment from it’s data creating thousands of story and song combinations.  At the end of the year a unique animated video was generated based on a users history and sent to them as a thank you from the brand.


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