Back to School: 5 Activations That Got Millennial’s Attention


It’s that time of the year again!

After a well-deserved summer break, students are back to college and what better time to reach millennials?

Millennials are the first generation of Digital Natives and are tech savvy by nature! According to Accenture, millennials will spend €1.4 trillion annually worldwide by 2020.

We run through five inspiring events and activations that successfully reached that valuable target market.

1.Treasure Hunt – Find a Snapbot!

Millennials love challenges, and Snapchat knows that!

When Spectacles, Snapchat’s recording sunglasses came to life, Snap Inc. placed SnapBots – the vending machines – at random locations around the US for 24 hours. The news spread and buying a pair of Spectacles became a real treasure hunt. The millennials who were lucky enough to find the Snapbots could get a chance of… buying them!

The news spread across the country, hundreds of people queued to buy them, and the sunglasses were sold out within minutes.

2.Zero Sugar Coca Cola Bike Spin Club

For September, Verve and Coca Cola Zero have brought to life an exciting activation across Galway, Limerick and Cork’s largest colleges.

The activation aims to promote the rental bike scheme by encouraging students to take part in outdoor spinning classes and competitive games. To top it up, Coca Cola Zero will be giving free samples to students!

Who doesn’t love freebies?

3. VR – Savannah College of Art & Design

When the Savannah College of Art & Design decided to recruit students to its campus, it put together two things Millennials love; video content and technology!

To entice the application process, SCAD mailed 5,000 inexpensive VR headsets to students who had been accepted but not yet enrolled, to get them to have a feel of what it’s like to attend SCAD. The campaign was a roaring success, and now they’re recruiting high school students using the technology.

4.Target & Bullseye University – Back to School Reality Show

Moving away from college is a scary experience. To make it easier, Target and Bullseye University partnered to provide an interactive experiential and digital experience to college students.
As in a reality show, Target and Bullseyes University recruited five YouTube Stars to sleep in their own decorated dorms for four days and share it online. The experience was live-streamed and had many fun activities such as pizza night, Q&A’s, advice to students and live music.

The campaign was a success and Target online sales grew 37% from the year before. At the end of 4 days of live Streaming, millennials had consumed the content equivalent of 17 years!

5.Heinz – Pay For Beanz By Social Meanz

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Heinz’s ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’ slogan, we helped Heinz design a pop-up cafe in Dublin with a twist! Customers could order anything from the breakfast, lunch and dinner Menu and pay for their Beanz by Social Meanz ie. giving Heinz a shoutout on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #HeinzBeanz50.

The pop-up shop made headlines, and even Conor Mcgregor stopped by! Keep your eyes peeled for another Heinz Beanz Cafe, popping up in Galway on October 2nd

Bonus: Persil Sports Kits

We can’t forget that Back to School is also a big time of year for the little ones!

Last year, Verve worked closely with Unilever to promote Persil’s Key message that ‘Dirt is Good’! When buying a bottle of Persil, consumers had a chance to win a school sports kits for their child’s schools.

The promotion brought 15K young families into the activity and awarded Verve an APMC Award!

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