8 Incredible Uses of Light


Whether you’re planning a music festival, conference or summer party, lighting can play an important role in giving your event that extra wow factor.

Take a look at some great examples to inspire your next event.

1. Drone Light Shows

Have you ever wondered what 300 drones flying in perfect harmony lighting up the night sky at a music festival might look like? Intel gave festival goers at the Coachella music festival a light show unlike anything they had ever seen. 300 drones flying together, lit up the festival sky like a thousand stars shining brightly in an amazing display of light and flight co-ordination.

2. RIFD LED Wristbands

Made famous by Coldplay back in 2012, these LED wristbands are a simple concept with an incredible result. The tech behind them is easy, each audience member gets a wristband embedded with LED lights. These LED wristbands can be operated by the lighting technician just like any other light on the stage, and can be incorporated into the show. Many different companies offer RFID wristbands, headbands and lanyards. Check out one of the leading suppliers Xylobands

3. Audi A8 Launch

The lighting set up and projection mapping at the official launch of Audi’s A8 model is just astounding and really puts into perspective what is possible using clever choreography and lighting to really showcase a new product . This light show utilizes every inch of the room including the ceiling and especially the centerpiece of the event, the car, to produce an out of this world display.

4. Vivid Festival Sydney

Vivid Sydney in an annual lighting festival with immersive, engaging and artistic light installations all over the city. Over the duration of the festival there are free public exhibitions of outdoor lighting sculptures , fantastic contemporary music gigs and of course the pièce de résistance, the illumination of the iconic Sydney Opera House. This is one light show everyone should experience once in their lives.

5.Kinetic Lighting System

Blow your attendees minds with these amazing kinetic light sculpture installations. Using thousands of light bulbs attached to motorized retractable wires you can create stunning light shows for your guests.

6.Incredible Laser Shows

Give your guests a taste of the future with an incredible laser show. The below is Bella Berlin. She has been decribed as a human disco ball. Covered from head to toe in tiny mirrors, lasers bounce of her body as she dances the night away creating an incredible display of light that is sure to leave your guests in a state of awe. We were able to enlist her services not so long ago for the eir rebrand launch in the Royal Hospital Kilmainhm. The show was amazing.

7.Water Projection

Cause a splash at your next event with some spectacular water projections.  Using a body of water and some specially designed pumps and nozzles we can create a natural canvas on to which we can project stunning images and laser shows to make passers by and event guests step back in amazement. Here is a Hydro projection we did for Coca Cola.

8. 3D Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is the art of projecting light animations onto buildings, objects and even people, to make an impressive visual experience. The possibilities of projection mapping are virtually endless, but the limit only being your imagination. Projecting onto non flat and 3D surfaces is where it gets tricky, but with spectacular results.

Take a look at a projection we helped create for our client Guinness for the launch of Brewhouse 4 over at St James Gate in Dublin.

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