5 Creative Examples of Branded Pop-Up Shops


There’s a good reason why temporary branded pop-up shops and restaurants have exploded in popularity in recent years. Not only does it offer customers a chance to engage with your brand in a completely immersive way, but if done right, the relatively cost effect solution is highly shareable on social media and offers exclusivity to customers that they wouldn’t experience in normal retail outlets.

We take a look at some brands that got creative and delivered some super cool, shareable and totally immersive branded pop-up stores.

1. Magnum Pleasure Store, Worldwide

As a part of a worldwide activation, Magnum opened pop up shops all across the globe. the The premium experience gave customers a chance to create their own personalised ice-cream with luxury toppings. The result was a customised, super photogenic dessert which customers displayed proudly on their social feeds.

Verve had the pleasure of managing the Magnum Pleasure Store at Arnotts, Dublin in 2015 and 2016.

2. Louis Vuitton, London

Back in 2012, Louis Vuitton teamed up with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama for a new line of clothes. To promote it they built a dotty wonderland in Selfridges department store, reminiscent of Kusama’s signature ‘dotty’ style.

The finished display was visually stunning and didn’t fail to turn heads and entice shoppers to go inside.

3. Pantone Cafe, Monaco

For the past two years, the Pantone Cafe has brought an extra bit of colour to Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. Pantone, a color identification system used by design, art, and fashion industries all over the world, set up a cafe with colour-coded products. They even named each item after it’s colour ID.

Customers lined up to order the likes of Pantone 16-0924 Croissant, or Pantone 18-1664 Fiery Red Lays chips. The result was a visual feast!

4. Heinz Beanz Cafe, Dublin & Cork

Closer to home, Verve is helping Heinz Ireland open their pop-up cafe in Dublin and Cork for week-long stints in each city. Heinz Beanz Cafe is dishing up delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner to hungry passers-by. All the food is free, customers just have to “pay for their beanz by social meanz” by tweeting or Instagramming a picture with the hashtag #HeinzBeanz50.

Beanz lovers flocked to the city centre location, and the cafe saw visits from rugby stars, to pop stars, and even MMA Champion Conor McGregor.

5. Nike SNKRS Station, New York

It was impossible to miss Nike’s attention-grabbing pop-up shop in NYC – a huge LED replica of their iconic orange shoebox. The perfectly timed activation fell during NBA All-star weekend and in the middle of New York Fashion Week and was photographed and shared by thousands.

The futuristic installation not only looked amazing, it was a functioning store. However, it didn’t take traditional payment methods. In order to buy a new pair of Nike shoes, customers had to pay though Nike’s official SNKRS app.

Need help opening a pop-up shop for your brand, or need help getting your brand noticed? Drop us a line here.

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