5 Brand Activation Ideas We Loved at Cannes Lions


Last month, we packed up our Creative Director and sent him to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity – 8 days of awards, mega-watt celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, parties, inspiring workshops and talks. Here’s five brand activations that we loved.

1. Baby Stroller Test Ride by Contours

US stroller company Contours wanted adults to experience their brand new, ultra comfortable stroller for themselves – so they made a giant adult-sized replica of their latest stroller for parents to “test ride”. The stunt garnered the company coverage in blogs and publications all over the world, with their video of the stunt racking up almost 400,000 YouTube views to date. And needless to say, adults loved having a chauffeur for the day!

2. Lockhead Martin – The Fieldtrip to Mars

Lockhead Martin developed all new technology for the first ever group VR experience, which took a group of unsuspecting school kids on an unforgettable field trip to the red planet.

3. XBox – Survival of the Grittiest

To promote the release of the latest Tomb Raider game, “Rise of the Tomb Raider”, XBox put gamers through their paces with the ultimate test of endurance. Eight Lara Croft fans volunteered to be strapped to a billboard for 24 hours, while been pummelled with the elements. The entire stunt was live streamed as the participants endured natural weather, plus snow, rain and wind machines. Not one person could stay for the full 24 hours of torture, but 28 year-old Adam Carr lasted 20 hours and walked away with a prize.

4. Square Shakes

SA restaurant chain in the US wanted to encourage consumers to share photos of their food on Instagram. With the help of chef Christine Flynn – aka @chefjacqueslamerde – they created Square Shakes.. perfectly styled, “Insta-ready” square format content for social media feeds.

5. Youtube Beach at Cannes Lions

Marketers got sand between their toes at Cannes Lions, with YouTube’s week long activation on the sandy white beaches. The gorgeously designed space featured Subsea Selfies, volley ball, bars, dis, photo ops and a program of speakers and workshops throughout the festival.

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