5 Brands That Stole Our Hearts On Valentines Day

By 14/02/2018Ads, Digital, News

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide as a day in which love reigns supreme. With this in mind many brands will market their products towards those that have been pierced by cupid’s arrow. Here are four some brands that have executed some fantastic Valentines DAY activations.

1. Snickers

Leaning on the fact that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for chocolate sales, the great minds over at Snickers decided to incorporate an interesting twist into a live campaign. The brand are synonymous with their tagline “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry”, but bearing in mind that alot of people (mostly men) tend to forget about Valentines Day, they decided to change this famous tagline to “You’re forgetful when you’re hungry”. Snickers then put this slogan on 15 billboards. But these were no ordinary billboards. Each one was made up of 300 valentines cards that could be peeled off and given to loved ones.

2. Burger King (Israel)

Outrageous, bold and slightly un-pc, Burger King Israel decided to take their whopper meal toys in a whole new direction for Valentines Day. The meal which usually rewards children has been changed up for the day to reward the adult consumer. They decided to replace the toy cars etc with items more reminiscent of a Fifty Shades of Grey gift set. Ad created by Leo Burnett Israel.

3 – McDonalds

Very clever use of social by McDonalds who are asking fans to tweet their “best, most creative vows of Big Mac burger love” to @McDonalds with the hashtag #BlingMacContest from Feb. 7 to Feb. 14. The one with the wittiest, most romantic tweet will win the the ‘Bling (non eatable) Mac’

4. McVitie’s Cuddle Café

Everybody loves a cuddle right? The McVitie’s Cuddle Café is the biscuit company’s answer to research that revealed nearly three quarters of us would like more cuddles in their life (we apparently get an average less than 10 a week). This cuddly pop-up allowed visitors to snuggle down and enjoy wall-to-wall cuteness in the form of cuddles with tea, cake and biscuits.


Unique in their Valentines Day approach back in 2013, IKEA gifted a $99 cradle to babies born on November 14 that year. The special promotion was advertised in Australian newspapers yesterday next to a cut-out coupon and a picture of the cradle beside the words: ‘FREE for babies born nine months from today.’ Parents had  to keep the coupon safe until November and present it to IKEA alongside a ‘proof of birth’ in order to claim their baby prize.

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