Six Brands That Used Horror & Humour For Halloween Campaigns

As we gear up for this year’s Halloween, we take a quick look back at last year to see what gave consumers a scare and flooded social media feeds. From giant spiders, to screaming vending machines, last year set the bar high. We’re looking to see what spooks consumers this Halloween.

Burger King – Feed Your Nightmares

Burger King are known for their over the top approach to Halloween campaigns. In saying that, they are always entertaining to watch.

This documentary-style video shows a doctor placing a green burger in front of the patients that are taking part in the trial. The patients go to bed after eating the burger and are monitored all night through CCTV cameras. The burger is supposed to enhance your nightmares, giving people a thrilling experience while they sleep. The observatory camera style gives this campaign a horror movie effect making it all the more spooky.

Fanta’s Giant Spider

While Burger King tends to take a horror movie approach, Fanta on the other hand tends to go for a more comical approach.

Fanta designed a giant robotic spider that is movable by a remote control. The spider appears out of nowhere causing people’s worst nightmares to come true. Everyone loves to watch people get a fright, so not only is this prank hilarious to watch it also does a good job at promoting the brand.

Fanta – Scream for Royal

Royal is the name for Fanta in the Philippines. This campaign video shows people engaging with a vending machine for the brand Royal.

People have to scream as loud as they can to raise the bars on the vending machine. If they manage to reach the top they win a free drink. As the winner reaches in for their free drink, they are met with a surprise of a zombie hand grabbing theirs.

Reese’s Halloween Candy Converter

We are all victims of receiving bad sweets and treats at Halloween. Reese’s decided to build a candy converter allowing people to come to a Reese’s vending machine where they could trade bad sweets in exchange for Reese’s peanut butter cups.

M&M’s Halloween – Ghosted

This short video follows the red and yellow M&M characters leaving a house. The two characters are discussing how they have survived another Halloween without being eaten. It becomes obvious to the audience that the yellow M&M is walking through objects, like a ghost, while the red M&M is walking around objects.

This was a lovely campaign as the audience had to guess the story as it was playing. As well as that because the video is only 15 seconds long, it’s a great way of keeping the audience engaged and watch the video to the end.

Starbucks Singapore – #SharetheScare

Halloween Special

An empty carpark. A dark stairway. A 1-for-1 treat for the fearless. Watch to the end of the video to unlock your treat. Tag a friend you'd like to #SharetheScare with.Valid on all Venti-sized handcrafted beverages, during the listed dates and times. T&Cs apply. #HalloweenSpecial

Posted by Starbucks Singapore on Friday, 26 October 2018

Starbucks also took to social media to share their love for Halloween. By getting users to imagine being in a shopping mall and trying to access their car but the only way is through back corridors and long flights of stairs. Starbucks released a 1-for-1 Halloween special campaign inviting you to choose a friend that would go through that experience with you.

By having the hashtag #SharetheScare and also using Instagram, it is a great way of promoting Starbucks as it is a quick and convenient way for people to get involved in the competition and share onto their personal profiles. By allowing followers to engage in a social media campaign, it brings more traffic to the brand.