5 Exciting Developments In Augmented Reality Technology

By 08/09/2017Digital

Augmented Reality tech has teased and promised a lot over the past decade. However, this year has seen a major development in how people will be able to interact with AR through their phones, without having to download clunky apps and hardware.

With the announcement that Android and Apple are planning to make AR a native feature on their latest smartphones, this no doubt means they’ll package it up into a polished consumer feature that will bring it mainstream and appeal to consumers and developers alike.

We run down some of the coolest, most innovative recent AR developments.

1.The Gruffalo Spotter

Put an educational twist on reality with the use of AR! The technology can be used to enhance forest trails and educate children on their environment. Check out this wonderful experiential campaign around English forest trails in 2017, renamed “The Gruffalo Spotter” trails.

By holding up an iPad or smartphone people can watch the forest come to life with interactive facts and nearly life-like animations.

2.AR On Street Portal

This mind-bending example of tech genius went viral in 2017. An independent developer and AR enthusiast created an interdimensional portal on a busy street, displaying amazingly the capabilities of the new tech.

3. Apple’s ARKit

Apple has invested heavily in AR, announcing that it will be a native feature in iPhones from now on. In fact, CEO Tim Cook reckons that in the not-too-distance future, AR will be as ubiquitous as “eating three meals a day.”

With that in mind, Apple released it’s ARKit, allowing developers access to the software to create new apps for iPhone and iPad. Experts say that this will be a game changer in augmented reality tech.

4. Microsoft Hololens

With Microsoft Hololens, the world is your canvas. The technology behind world’s first holographic computer is still in it’s infancy, but the potential of the Hololens is infinite and could change the way we interact with the world forever. See it in action below.

5.Pepsi Max AR Bus Shelter

To tie in with the extreme nature of Pepsi Max, they transform a bus shelter on Oxford Street in London into an augmented reality experience that commuters would never forget. They placed a screen where usually a six sheet poster advertisement would live, displaying the street on the other side of the shelter. But this visual had a twist. As commuters watched on they were shocked to see pedestrians being abducted by UFO’s and tigers running loose on the street. This was a fantastic display of what is possible in an experiential campaign when using augmented reality.