6 Things We Loved From CES 2018

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CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is the unofficial HQ for those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. Located in Las Vegas, it attracts over 184k visitors, 4k exhibitors and 1k speakers. Recognised as the first global trade event of the year, this treasure trove of tech embraces its surroundings and is jam packed with glitz, glamour and mind-blowing innovations.

The usual suspects of self driving cars, paper thin TV’s and household robots all made an appearance.

The imminent question however is what will impact us as consumers, marketers and general human beings? How will our lives be more enriched through technology and how will this affect brands as they plan their 2018 campaigns? We have earmarked a couple of products that grabbed our attention along with some stands that we couldn’t help but admire…


Imagine walking into your local Costa Coffee, ordering an Americano along with a chocolate croissant while the whole time your phone is being charged automatically, cutting out all wires and charging pads.

Winner of the 2018 CES 2018 Best of Innovation Award, Wi-Charge will appeal to brands who want to provide a better customer experience in-store. We can also envisage Trade Show exhibitors using the technology to keep attendees at the stand for that little bit longer. Naturally it will work for large scale events too, appealing to those who are engaging with the event through their smartphones but running low on battery in the process.

We loved their display at CES. The public were allowed to enter their space, have a look around while at the same time have their phone automatically charged. Keep an eye on this in 2018.

2.  Amazon Alexa vs Google Home

The battle to be the voice assistant that dominates our homes has well and truly begun. The Amazon Alexa took the early lead by virtue of an early release however Google Home has upped its game and looks set to be leading in a number of departments. They both claim to make life easier thanks to an intensive use of AI. Both products featured heavily at CES 2018, with a number of speakers referencing them throughout. On the back of the accelerated growth of AI home devices, brands are now asking “How do I bring voice to my experiences? How do I bring conversational interfaces to existing products?”

Looking to find out more about voice-controlled speakers. This blog is a good low-down on the in’s and out’s https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/amazon-echo-vs-google-home/

We particularly liked Google’s display at the event, wrapping the Las Vegas Monorail in Google Assistant ad that screamed, “Hey Google.”

3. HTC Vive Pro

HTC has a few upgrades in store for its virtual reality headset, the Vive. The Pro’s resolution is 78 percent higher than the current Vive headset, and it also features built-in headphones and a more comfortable form factor.  The ability to go wireless plus the marketplace improvements can emhance the VR experiences of the everyday consumer.

VR is about creating entirely digital worlds and brands will continue to improve customer experiences through incredibly branded VR content. The new HTC Vive Pro now enables them to do so through more powerful technology. We can’t wait to get our hands on one…

4. Ford’s Smart Cities Space

Ford were looking to cement their place as more than just a car company and be seen as a lifestyle brand and community builder. Their space at this year’s CES was a treat for the eyes. It was a full visual representation of what a smart city would look and how it would function. We particularly liked the curved LED backdrop offering incredible impact for those who stopped by.

5. Playstation’s Virtual Reality Hub

The race has begun to take virtual reality from gaming to business and commerce. Following the success of its VR headset, Sony says it expects 130 VR games to be released for PlayStation by the end of 2018. The PlayStation VR Hub at CES 2018 offered consumers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the technology in a beautifully crafted rally car and VR headset. We are slightly jealous…

6. Omron Robotic Table Tennis

Artificial Intelligence will be the key enabler for many technology trends. The most incredible feat however is how technology can interpret human interactions and respond in real time. Say hello to Omron’s table tennis robot Forpheus. Unveiled at CES 2018, Forpheus reads your expressions to tell what kind of player you are, advancing the level of play as needed.

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