6 Sporting Ceremonies That Rocked The World

By 29/09/2017Events

As Ireland’s bid for the world cup takes over the newsstands, it feels like a good time to reflect on the events and ceremonies that kick off these huge occasions. They’ve become an art form of themselves, with much to be learned from these iconic celebrations. We’ve gathered together 5 of our favourite opening ceremonies which were so good, they almost manage to overshadow the events they were opening.

1.London 2012

Every event should tell a story as it helps to bring the audience on a journey. No ceremony has done this better than the 2012 Olympic games in London. Though appearing surreal and madcap, the show had a clear narrative which kept viewers enthralled throughout. What we can learn from this is that each event should have a clear objective of what it’s trying to communicate so it lessens the risk of becoming a fun but futile party.

2.UEFA Europa League Final in Dublin in 2011

This opening ceremony was Dublin’s chance to shine in front of an international audience as the iconic Aviva stadium played host to Porto V Braga. A celtic themed visual extravaganza wowed stadium goers and set the stage for the match. We’re also proud to say this was one of our of own creations and productions here in Verve.

3.Super Bowl Halftime Show 2007

It was Michael Jackson who famously made the Super Bowl half time show what it’s known for today but it was Prince who carried off the event with the most amount of panache. His performance showed us that each event can be meticulously planned but there will always be elements that are out of your control. In this case it was the weather. The rain came down hard over an uncovered stage but Prince remained unruffled and used the conditions to add to the theatre of the show.

4.Rugby World Cup 2015

A strong event doesn’t live and die on the day its being held; promotions and social content before and after the event help to maximise its impact. The opening ceremony the Rugby World Cup 2015 is a prime example of how teasers and pre-event PR can build anticipation before an event. Sneak peek tweets and promotional videos helped to spread this event more evenly as well as build excitement.

5.2014 Winter Olympic Games Closing Ceremony (Sochi)

With every opening ceremony there will inevitably be a closing ceremony and with that in mind we take a look at the closing ceremony of the 2014 Sochi, Winter Olympic Games. No expense was spared on this intricately planned spectacle of colour, light and theatrical performance. This truly was a celebration of an Olympic Campaign that many people doubted Russia had the infrastructure to host. This incredible event took place in Fisht Stadium and saw all the participating athletes welcomed whilst a Broadway style production went on in the background. One of Ireland’s finest, Peter Canning of High Res Lighting received an Emmy for his work on the spectacular Sochi Closing Ceremony.

6.Reserved for the 2023 Rugby World Cup in Ireland

We’re keeping this spot vacant, confident that it will be filled by Ireland’s Rugby World Cup 2023 opening ceremony.

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