5 Nostalgic Christmas TV Ads

By 28/11/2018Ads, Uncategorised

Many brands around the festive season spend a fortune creating heart warming and festive Christmas adverts. But forget about the John Lewis’ and Dunnes Stores of this world and think about the classic ads that have withstood the test of time, reminding us of our own childhood and the magic of Christmas. In this next piece we take a look at 5 Christmas TV ads that never lost their magic. Christmas has finally arrived.

Kelloggs (1990)

A staple for television viewers every year, this ad has been shown for over 20 years and still has the same impact on viewers as it did when it first appeared on our screens.

An Post – Walking in the air (2005)

“I’m walking in the air” are words that are ingrained in everyone’s mind over the Christmas season and this is mostly the fault of the classic An Post advert that features the song and The Snowman from the Christmas cartoon. The nostalgia meter will be going off the scales this year when this ad gets aired again.

Coca-Cola – Holidays are Coming (1995)

Coca-Cola have been synonymous with Christmas forever. They have even been credited with popularizing the Red Suit that Santa Claus wears today. But for some the words “Holidays are coming” and the sight of that big red truck on our televisons signals the beginning of the festive season.

Quality Street – Magic Moments (1992)

“Magic moments are only found in Quality Street!”. Who remembers this little boy who enlightened the lollipops lady with a beautiful gesture of gratefulness. Sometimes it really is the little things that can brighten up your day.

Budweiser – Christmas (1987)

Budweiser is synomous with horses. It all comes from the famous 1987 Christmas Advert. We can’t help but love this ad simply because you can really feel the Christmas spirit all around when watching.