5 Must-Have Event Management Tools and Apps

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In recent years, a huge amount of event management apps and tools are hitting the market and claiming to make event planners’ lives easier. Some are great, and some are more of a headache than they are worth.

To help choose the right tool for you, we run through some tried and tested event management platforms that will save you time and money when planning your event.

1. Sli.do

One of our favourites on the market is Sli.do. The relatively new platform is a presentation and audience interaction system which allows guests to engage with your event’s speakers in real time – with live responses being integrated in slides on screen. This no fuss solution requires your audience to log into a webpage on their mobile devices with a simple unique code to start engaging.

With Sli.do, you can push poll questions to your audience’s devices for instant interaction, capture audience insights through polls, display beautiful wordclouds and allow the audience to leave comments and ask questions anonymously (which can be moderated). Sli.do even offers Twitter integration, which means you can even display live Twitter activity with your event hashtag. There’s no wonder this piece of tech has earned so many awards!

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2. Attendify

For large scale events, a dedicated website and app with important info and registration could be hugely beneficial to your guests. Attendify is a one stop shop for all of your event needs! For a relatively small fee, you can easily create and manage a slick looking app and optional web version, with all the information you could need – like speakers, schedules, maps and even a blog.

One of Attendify’s nice features is an integrated ticketing system and social platform, so guests can network at the event and touch base easily afterwards.

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3. Zkipster

Zkipster is our guest list management tool of choice at Verve HQ. With Zkipster, you can manage guest registration and check-in with ease on any device. It allows you to organise and print seating plans, name badges, analytics and even get notified when important guests have checked in. Zkipster is constantly introducing new features, and a yearly subscription definitely gives you a bang for your buck if you are hosting multiple events.

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4. Slack

Slack is a great project management tool that allows admins to delegate tasks to team members and for users to easily communicate with each other. You can create channels for teams, projects, clients, whatever you want, and members can update status information in real time. Team members can add tasks to channels on the fly from a mobile device, or mark tasks as completed, so that all staff are in the loop. Slack has built-in video and audio call capabilities and excellent privacy features to hide sensitive information.

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5. Crowdpurr

Crowdpurr is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers a fully immersive, interactive experience for your attendees.  With Crowdpurr, guests can play live 3D animated games, contribute to social media walls, answer trivia and vote in polls to name but a few features. This platform even allows guests to pick and choose what music and video is played at the event. Your guests essentially control the event with their smartphones or tablets. Who doesn’t love a personal touch?

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