5 clever digital marketing campaigns from 2017

By 16/01/2018Ads, Digital, Uncategorised

With the churn of content these days, it can be easy for amazing ideas to pass us by. To keep up, we’ve gathered together 5 of our favourite digital marketing campaigns and why they’re worthy of your attention. These campaigns are a brand’s way of generating, online engagements, overall brand awareness and driving sales.

1. KFC (11 Herbs & Spices)

This is one of the most simple and engaging campaigns we’ve seen. For years KFC have prided themselves on their secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. This year, in an extremely creative move, KFC started following just 11 people on Twitter. This is where the campaign got interesting. It turns out that the 11 people KFC had followed were the 5 original Spice Girls and 6 guys called Herb. KFC’s Twitter feed exploded into a frenzy of activity. As a reward for his discovery, KFC commissioned and painting of Mike Edgette getting a piggyback from Colonel Saunders. The picture itself then earned the brand thousands of social media engagements and shows that a little creativity can have a huge impact while costing so little.

2.  IKEA Place

Using the latest technology, the Swedish furniture giant IKEA developed an augmented reality experience which allowed customers to see furniture in their homes before they purchased it. This app was actually useful to the consumer and thanks to their use of trending tech to create this branded retail experience IKEA were one of the most discussed brands in online AR conversations.

3. Know Your Lemons (Worldwide Breast Cancer)

This campaign was specifically designed to make women more aware of the signs of breast cancer and to raise much needed funds for research. It conveyed the seriousness of breast cancer in a light-hearted way which strategically was very clever. If people aren’t as intimidated by this scary topic then they’re far more likely to go get screened. This campaign went so well that Worldwide Breast Cancer monumentally exceeded their donation targets.

4. Kelloggs Eggo & Stranger Things

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things then you’ve definitely heard about it. It’s no secret that  one of the characters on the show has an appetite for Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles. Due to the organic exposure on the show, the brand has seen conversation about the product grow exponentially on Instagram and Twitter. For the second season of the series, Netflix and Kelloggs teamed up to open the show with a clip of their Eggo Waffles resulting in their social media taking off like never before. You can’t control the things that popular culture chooses to worship but you can join in when it makes its decision.

5. Ted Baker – Keeping up with the Bakers

Fashion powerhouse Ted Baker are well known for their shoppable ads on social media. In 2017 they developed a comedy soap opera about a family called the Bakers living a blissful existence in suburbia. They released these videos episode by episode for eight days using Instagram Stories. The episodes eventually evolved into a fully shoppable 360 immersive movie that could also be viewed using virtual reality headsets. The movie generated 1.9 million views and 19,000 likes on social media and created culture around the brand which goes way beyond the reach of traditional advertising.

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