5 Brands That Used Their Birthday Celebrations To Create Brand Awareness

Everyone loves a birthday celebration and brands are no exception. Here are 5 brands that celebrated their milestones by creating some extra awareness around their brands.

Old Navy 20th Birthday – #Selfiebration

When clothing giant Old Navy turned 20 they created what they coined the “Selfiebration Machine”. This machine would take Twitter images that were tagged with #Selfiebration and create incredible pieces of art by simply inflating a series of balloons to just the right size. People could stand back and watch as their selfies were brought to life on the Selfiebration machine.

Iconic Coca-Cola Bottle 100th Birthday

We all know the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. When Coca-Cola celebrated 100 years of their famous bottle, they also wanted to celebrate 100 years of togetherness. They decided to create a walk through at their HQ in Atlanta where consumers could come and learn about the evolution of the famous glassware and learn more about the brands history.

Guinness – Arthurs Day

When our pals over at Diageo throw a birthday party, they don’t hold back. They decided to celebrate the 250th birthday of Ireland’s most famous export, Guinness Stout! by creating an entire day of celebrations across the globe to mark this occasion. The day was filled with gigs from well known musicians such as Calvin Harris, The Undertones and the Kooks but to name a few. The pinnacle of the day was the global cheers to Arthur Guinness at 17:59pm where the whole world raised a pint to pay tribute to one of the most famous Irish characters of all time. The event became an annual celebration and ran from 2009 – 2013.

Oreos 100th Birthday – #OreoMoment

To celebrate 100 years of the delicious treat the good folks over at Oreo HQ came up with the #OreoMoment campaign which didn’t just celebrate the brand but celebrated those moments that the association with the brand has created for the consumer.

Converse Chuck Taylor 100th

To celebrate the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker turning 100 and the people that have stuck by the brand down through the years, Converse decided to release a series of portraits of the sneaker. But there was a slight twist! The sneakers in the portraits were owned by celebrities and creatives from across the globe and down through the years. Worn and modified sneakers owned by famous artist Andy Warhol and singer Patti Smith were just some of the sneakers in the collection.

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