5 Brands That Gave Their Customers A Halloween Scare

Halloween offers brands the opportunity to do something a little different. Let’s have a look at 5 brands who decided to put the fear of god into their customers...

Ford Spooky Halloween

Brand Ambassadors dressed as monsters put a scare into these unsuspecting car wash customers. As if car washes weren’t scary enough already. Kudos to Ford on a terrific halloween campaign.

Rice Krispies Scares

As we know vending machine have become a popular trend for brands to engage with customers. Offering passers by “free Rice Krispie Scares”, the brand installed a spooky Halloween themed vending machine in various locations. To get the squares or scares customers had to reach inside the machine where there was a hidden person waiting to give you a fright!

Spotify – So Scary It Was Pulled

This is classic example of a campaign being made more popular because it rubbed advertising standards up the wrong way. Starring a creepy doll that comes to the life when the song Havana by Camila Cabello is played, the ad was deemed too scary for younger audiences. The story of the ad being pulled was picked up everywhere from BBC News to the DailyMail and gave Spotify money can’t buy coverage. Have a look for yourself (if you dare) and see what you think.

Burger King – Scary Clowns

Everybody is scared of clowns right? If not, they probably haven’t viewed this Burger King ad. On 31st October, Burger King offered the first 500 customers to arrive at a Burger King store dressed as a clown a free meal.

Tesco – Spookermarket

Supermarket shopping tends to be repetitive. Unless you shop at Tesco around October. Would you be afraid of ghoulish butchers who jump out from behind the counter and ghostly shopping carts that tool around on their own? We would.

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