5 Brands That Are Innovating The Beauty And Cosmetic World Through Technology

By 30/07/2019Digital, Experiential

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, the beauty industry is no stranger to using the latest technology to entice, engage and convert consumers on the shop flow. Brands are combing wow factor technology with practical and educational advice that allow consumers to experience a product without a lengthy demonstration or physically having to try it on.

Below are 5 popular brands that are innovating in this space to draw in and inspire consumers.

1. NARS Cosmetics

Nars Cosmetics have innovatively made use of Interactive Technology Marketing to jazz up their cosmetic display counter.  The Cosmetic Display Counter has been quite successful in drawing in the attention of passersby. Their interactive iPad prompts in-store interaction and encourages potential buyers to explore the wide range of lip products through the NARS ‘Lips to Style’ Virtual Lip Trial app which uses augmented reality (AR) and gamification to allow users to try on the wide range of lip shades, play a game to “perfect their pout” in an instant and then take a selfie highlighting their selected lip shade.The selfie can be emailed and shared on social media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat and Facebook. Passerbys are also met by an eye-catching NARS installation, the giant Digital Lip Wall. Powered by motion sensors, the Lip Wall allows shoppers to interact with a cluster of floating lips in a dynamic and fluid cloud of kisses which mirror their body movements. Shoppers can animate the cloud around the screen, as the lip colours change according to the live trends of the most popular shades selected on the Virtual Lip Trial app. Shoppers can choose to scan a QR code on their mobile device or use an iPad next to the Digital Lip Wall to access the Virtual Lip Trial app. The photo can be saved by scanning the QR code or be sent via e-mail, and then shared on their social media accounts. Finally, shoppers are also encouraged to get a complimentary lip makeover on-site.

2. Sephora

In 2018 Sephora unveiled their most digitally equipped store in San Francisco. Customers have the opportunity to use one of the 12 makeup stations to take a makeup class which is taught by experienced associates and supported via video tutorials. They are also able to discover and browse through the digital beauty board which demonstrates user-generated reviews. They have the ability to adjust images to suit their skin tone, type and colour.

3. NYX Cosmetics

NYX is a digital-native brand with a strong online community made up of millions of beauty fans. NYX has a strong online following and with the help of beauty influencers and dedicated followers they wanted to bring the excitement and power of the online digital world into the retail space. Each store features a Beauty Bar (interactive tutorial stations), trending wall (a 90″ screen serving up the latest user-generated content), and interactive discovery stations built into product displays (users can scan or search products to find Instagram photos of other NYX consumers wearing the selected product/shade) The brand also implemented ‘selfie walls’ in-store were fans can share their own makeup selfie using the #NYXCosmetics hashtag.

4. MAC Cosmetics

In 2018, MAC Cosmetics released an in-store try-on mirror for customers to virtually sample makeup looks through augmented reality (AR). The mirror was developed by ModiFace. It has the ability to overlay 29 virtual eye makeup styles onto a live video of the user. It allows consumers to quickly and seamlessly try on new looks without using real makeup samples and saving them time by not having to remove makeup that they already have on.

5. No7

The famous U.K brand Boots No7 brought out a new piece of technology that is able to scan skin and match it with the perfect shade from their new No 7 range. The Foundation Match Made Service uses eight visible illumination colours and one ultraviolet that are shone onto the skin from three different directions eliminating shadows 

  • Images of the skin under each of the nine light settings are recorded 
  • Tone, colour saturation and lightness of the skin are measured from the images and compared against the tone, colour saturation and lightness of each of the foundation shades to work out which shade is closest 

The device then reports the closest shade and the next closest shade to the skin colour measured. In addition to this, they can assess your skin’s needs in order to recommend the best foundation formula from the extensive range of products on offer.

They also launched the No7 Match Made skin tone analysis app, a virtual service, which helps women find the foundation shade for them, from the comfort of their own home.

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