4 Brands Using Extreme Sports As A Marketing Tool

By 25/05/2018Ads, Digital

Adding a whiff of danger is not something every brand can afford to do – but for some, extreme sport sponsorship is the perfect way of engaging Gen Z and beyond.


1.Red Bull

Red Bull have become synonymous with with extreme stunts and sports culture. From the minute the words Red Bull are uttered within ear shot, the mind goes straight to Cliff Diving in the Aran Islands or Skydiving from the edge of space. This ingenious marketing strategy has positioned the brand as a modern day David in a world of Goliaths. These stunts have garnered the brand worldwide adoration and millions of fan engagements to boot.


Samsung recently partnered with Red Bull to produce a series of extreme sports inspired videos titled “See the Unexpected”. The videos are produced using the talent and individual skill sets of Red Bull athletes and displayed on the latest and greatest Samsung QLED TV’s which are capable of producing 100% colour volume and allow viewers the see the incredible detail of each frame in the best picture quality available on any television.


From Golf to Snowboarding there aren’t too many sporting cookie jars in which Oakley doesn’t have a hand. But as far as extreme sports are concerned the name Oakley has been associated with winter sports for many, many years now and is basically a must have brand for anyone considering hitting the slopes. With the release of their new Harmony Fade range for the most recent winter Olympics all Oakley athletes were sporting the eyewear and even some warm blooded Australian rugby players decided to give them a plug as well


Monster energy struck extreme sports gold when they decided to form a partnership with the X Games. The brand basically turned Aspen into one enormous billboard for Monster Energy. From athletes to apparel, the name Monster was everywhere to be seen on the Aspen slopes back in January.

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