4 brands that are winning on Instagram

By 10/11/2017Digital

Instagram is the home of visual content marketing – but for a brand to become an Insta-star requires perseverance, tweaking, testing and creativity. Establishing a distinctive tone of voice and being clear about your purpose is a great place to start.

Social Media tends to work best when content is designed specifically for the platform. What works on Facebook won’t necessarily work on Twitter. The same rule of thumb applies to Instagram. Below are four brands we believe are worth a follow.


Airbnb showcase the most unique places around the world inside and out. Their page is unique in that 75% of the photos they utilize are user generated. What makes their page really unique however is the seamless experience between oohing and aahing over the images and booking the property. By simply clicking the link in the Airbnb bio, users have the opportunity to scan all of the instagram properties before booking a trip of a lifetime.

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ASOS has a sizeable following of more than 6.5 million but what really differentiates them from the rest is the connectivity with individual accounts. They have built up an army of brand ambassadors that have their own social media following. As you would expect, the primary ASOS account posts lots of photos of its core products. The personal ambassador accounts however have a bit more flexibility in that they can post whatever they want fashion wise as long as they tie it all back to the main brand. Each individual account begins with “asos”, eg @asos_lesley.

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Jamie Olivers runs a food related online series across YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. According to Clickz, 65% of FoodTube’s audience consists of men aged 20 to 40 years old that only want the recipes’ instructions as soon as possible. Instagram informs the public of new YouTube posts while also generating it’s own sponsored content in a subtle manner.

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The Honest Company do a fantastic job of highlighting day to day parental battles in a humorous fashion. Connecting with parents through an effective tone of voice and beautiful imagery, they have created a real sense of ‘we are all in it together’. With an Instagram following of 762k, Honest have developed the perfect platform to push their core range of baby, home & beauty products.

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